Friday, August 12, 2011

The Vessel Project - "Wine Bottle Holder"

It is Friday everyone! What better way to start off your weekend that a little inspiration from The Vessel Project. Today we have a truly unique take on the wine bottle holder from Jacqueline Pernia, a recent graduate from Humber College!

Pop open a bottle of wine this weekend and put it in this contemporary approach to a wine bottle holder. What a fantastic way to work with the remnant felt materials. Taking a few scrap strips, Jacqueline figured out how to weave the felt strips together to create this really great vessel. Talk about an exciting twist on the traditional wine bottle holder! This vessel can also be used when the bottle is standing up as a drip stopper and can be configured in different ways depending on the sculptural result that you are looking for. We love the simple concept of this wine bottle holder and hope that it inspires everyone this weekend that anything can be done with felt!

Materials Used
- Remnant Felt
- Thread

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