Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 10 Back - To - School - Teacher's Essentials

Back - To - School is not just for students but it is also for the teachers! So here we have an additional list of our Top 10 Back - To - School items just for the teachers! In addition to what was included in the Top 10 Back To School Essentials! We have a few more products that you may find perfect for you, your school, your classroom or activities for classes this year!

1) Acrylic Felt

Have some fun with all your crafting projects this year with our affordable and colourful Acrylic Felt! Whether you need large quantities, single sheets, assorted packs or value packs, we have it all here at The Felt Store!

2) Premium Felt

Here is an alternative for Acrylic Felt if you require a higher quality felt for your crafts! Premium Felt adds a little more pizazz to your projects! Also available by the yard, in twenty-five (25) packs and assorted packs.

3) Felt Craft Stickers

If you just need some bits and bobs to stick here and there for your project try out our Felt Craft Stickers! Available in our wacky felt stars and waves, these come in different sized bags. Check them out at the link below! Also check out our felt magnets here!

4) Remnant Felt
The Felt Store tries to make the most of all of our products even our remnant pieces! You can purchase our remnant bags of felt which include a great variety of colours, sizes and types of craft felt all in one bag! Every bag's contents vary but one thing is for sure, the possibilities are endless with all of this remnant felt! Check it out at the link below!

5) Wool and Polyester Filler
Wool and Polyester Filler could be great for class decorations, projects and loads of fun! It is perfect for stuffing and bringing life to your craft creations! See the link below for pricing and details.

6) Felt Storage Baskets
Now that you have all these great products you need a place to store them! These Felt Storage Baskets are perfect for keeping your classroom organised! Available in select sizes and colours, please see the link below for details.

7) Tac - On Wall Kits

Looking for a neat way to display all those amazing class projects, presentations and art work? Try our Tac-On wall kits! Available in a variety of colours, these are amazing for displaying all that great work with the double - sided adhesive felt! Check out all of our Tac-On products at the link below!

8) Insoles

As a teacher, we know you are on your feet all day. Help bring comfort and support to your feet with our insoles! Check them out at the link below!

9) Felt Bookmarks

Keep track of where you are in class with these neat Felt Bookmarks that are available in vibrant colours and different styles. Check them out at the link below!

10) Felt Woven Bag
Sometimes we have large loads to carry to and from class. We have a naturally stylish bag just for you and all your things! Check out our Woven Felt Bag made from our Industrial Felt, it is strong, durable and beautiful! See details at the link below!

All products and pricing can be found on our website, If you have any questions regarding any of our products included in this post, please do not hesitate to contact us at