Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Felt Vessel - "Felt Purse"

This is our final feature for The Vessel Project. What a great experience it has been to collaborate with Susan Schwartz and the DEC 404 Interior Design class of 2011. We hope that the variety of work and ideas has inspired you to work on your own felt vessel or other felt project. So let us wrap things up with Trang Nquyen's "Felt Purse", a recent graduate from Humber College!

What is really impressive about this purse is the collaboration of felt with different materials such as leather and wood. How great is it to see the natural materials working with each other to produce this wonderful purse! Keeping with the natural theme of the materials, Trang cut out a the silhouette of a tree utilising both sides of the leather. This adds great texture and contrast to the purse. The earth tones in the leather and wood are succesfully paired with this natural white remnant felt. The Felt Purse shows true character and Trang's personal aesthetic, which we here at The Felt Store love to encourage!

Materials Used
- Remnant Felt
- Wooden Handles
- Leather
- Embroidery Thread

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