Thursday, February 21, 2013

Felt & Fashion!

Hii Readers!

It's been a short week for us here at The Felt Store head office, so you can imagine the bitter sweet feeling that comes with a short week. While working my way around the internet to see what's been going on the world wide web I noticed for the past couple of months that two wonderful worlds have been colliding and it's become more and more prominent. The textile world (specifically of course felt and wool) and fashion/jewellery :). As most of you know Pinterest is my inspiration go to site, it just leads to so many other avenues and websites that I wouldn't be able to find on my own. Which lead to my "Ah Ha" moment for this post! So many crafters/bloggers/diy-ers have such amazing products or tutorials on how to make your own clothes or jewellery that have our favourite material. Here's another wonderful list of my favourite things :) 

1) Felt Chevron Necklace 

I am just in love with this necklace! The colour combo is just right, the use of popular chevron pattern as an inspiration, and the length of the chain. Everything is just perfect! (if any of you want to go ahead and make this for all means I won't stop you :p) Hehehe. but it's definitely something that is do-able to make on your own. 
Found on Quirkfactory 
2) Tri Colour Patch Coat

Oh heeyy fashionista! I am loving the colour blocking patchwork and the oh so bright and bold colours! This coat is such an eye catcher! There is no way anyone can go wrong with owning this. Not sure how much of a DIY coat this is...but definitely something to use as inspiration! 
Found on BrudaStyle

3) Stylish Collar

This diy collar is proof of why I love pinterest! There is no way I would have been able to find something like this on my own! It's such a unique look to add to a ordinary top. And love that this image has step by step instructions ;) 

Found on zszywka
4) Felt Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are still going strong in the fashion world! However this blogger takes it to the next level by making it out of felt! And guess how the idea came about!? She was initially using that pattern for table decorations. Add a few gold or coloured beads into the spaces to add a more finished look. 
Found on The Fashion Blog 

So hopefully these ideas inspired you and got your creative juices flowing! Just goes to show you if you look at things from a different perspective you can come up with such fascinating and unique looks. If you've created something similar to what you've seen here than share them with us! I am always on the look out for fun felt things. 

Check out more awesome felt or wool styles on our pinterest page! The Felt Store-Pinterest 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Other Side of Toronto's Design Week

Hey hey Guys,

Just as I had promised and said I'm already deviating back to the Design Show, but this time we're looking at the other side of Toronto's Design Week.

Design week in Toronto last month wasn't just about the Interior Design Show, one of our very own had attended the Come Up to My Room Exhibition that was taking place that week. Of course if you haven't already guessed felt and design have started to go hand in hand. She found an interesting piece made by the Woman King Collective. The event takes place in the Gladstone Hotel and is an annual alternative design event. So if for next year you want to walk through the beaten path definitely check out this event.

We leave you with Women King Collectives felt pieces called "Dwell" to give you a brief idea of what it meant to the designers here is a little snip it that was under the piece. For their felt birdhouse they have used Industrial Felt to create that natural heathered look.

“Dwell explores the evolution of familiar spaces as reflections of our life cycles. The home is a site where we are created, grow, transform, and inevitably break free from.”

Like what you see check out their blog:


Friday, February 8, 2013

New Category Launch!

Hey Guys!

Hope you're all keeping well in this winter wonderland! For those of you who are in Eastern Canada and Eastern United States. Can I just point out; how I haven't seen snow like this in forever! I really thought the meteorologist were being over dramatic like the last time. I guess not.. LOL

Anyy wayys....moving away from the snowstorm, I'm doing a quick post about something that is exciting for us here at The Felt Store. We have officially launched a new category!! It contains Felting Products, Pom Pom makers, all the needles you'll ever need for your crafting projects! Basically all of your sewing needs can finally be fulfilled at The Felt Store! Check out new category called Sewing Products. It's quite a fitting name!

Did I mention we a super duper excited about this :D Hope this helps all you guys out there that have been asking about sewing accessories and for those of you who want an affordable alternative :D

Sewing Product page