Friday, April 26, 2013

Felt & Burlap Flowers Tutorial [VIDEO]

Helllooo Everyone & Happy Friday!

I am super excited to be blogging today! If I haven't already mentioned so many exciting things are happening at The Felt Store, and this blog post is a clear indication of it! With mothers day coming up we thought to show you guys how to make your very own Felt & Burlap Flowers! But we stepped it up a notch We've got a video tutorial for you, so that it's a lot more easy for you to follow along.

So without further a due....

Check out The Felt Store's How to Make: Felt & Burlap Flowers!

Need materials we got you covered: Felt Sheets and  Burlap Sheets

Please let me know what you thought of the video! We always appreciate feedback :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Day Edition - Craft with Eco-Friendly Materials!

Hey, Hey Everyone!

Earth day is happening Monday (April 22,2013). This practice is not just about turning off the lights for an hour, but being aware of the environment as a whole. Why not take the small step of crafting with eco-friendly, natural products like felt, burlap or cork, wool etc. Every little change counts!. How will you be incorporating Earth Day this year?

We've been working on some exciting things at The Felt Store Head office! With some eco-friendly materials as well! Can you guess what we're crafting up!?

Can't wait to show you what we have in store in then next few weeks!!

Stay tuned! And hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! If you've got no plans for the weekend why not keep yourself busy with some of the craft projects we listed on last weeks blog!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Projects for Spring and Summer

Hey Everyone!

Spring is in the air, full of warmer weather and sunshine (well it was until it rained all week and then snowed for us here yesterday...). In any case, we are excited for the warmer weather and being able to be outdoors more and more.

In February, we did a post about the textile world colliding with the fashion/jewelry world. And that got me thinking about our textiles, and, of course, how they could be used in spring and summer. Well, what if different textiles collided to create some pretty neat products that would be great projects for the rainy (or snowy) days? So I have searched the web and found a few tutorials combining different textiles that are perfect for the warmer weather!

Burlap and Cork

Activities Calendar
So this Calendar tutorial is from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. But why not make one with the kids for July and August and place some fun activities or events underneath each day as a surprise for them to check when they wake up?
Image from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking
Wine Bottle Bird Feeder
It’s spring, so all the birds are coming back for the warmer weather. Why not give them a treat? This is a great project from She Knows that can take the place of a traditional bird house in your backyard or on your balcony all the while recycling those bottles that are sure to pill up during the summer!
Image from She Know
Pin Boards – Woven or Framed?
Last up, two different pin boards! The woven pin board tutorial is from Jones Design Company and looks very elegant above the bed, like they show in their pictures. The framed pin board is from Room to Inspire and features a GORGEOUS frame around it. Why not combine the two ideas and have a gorgeously framed woven burlap pin board?

Woven Pin Board image from Jones Design Company and Framed Pin Board image from Room to Inspire

Cork and Felt

Felt Wine Bottle Stopper
This is a very cute wine bottle stopper, perfect for barbeques when you don’t want the bugs getting into your bottles! It’s like having a little bouquet sticking out of the top. This tutorial is from Peacoats and Plaid and looks great outdoors and indoors!
Image from Peacoats and Plaid
Cork and Felt Coaster
These coasters are from Avie Designs and will look great outside on the table while you sit in warm sunshine and enjoy the warm weather with your favourite drink in hand, be it water or something a little more flavourful.
Image from Avie Designs
Cork Boats
Now this one is for the kids to play with! Simple Whimsy is to thank for this project and it looks like the kids loved playing with them. Best part? The kids can help make them on a rainy day and take them out when the rain stops to play in the puddles
Image from Simple Whimsy

Felt and Burlap

Wine Bottle Bags
Summer means barbeques and backyard parties. These bags by The Nesting Project are perfect to add that personal touch to a host/hostess gift without getting too crazy or expensive. I just love the pop of colour from the flower!
Image from The Nesting Project
Spring Wreath
Normally when I think of spring and summer, I don’t think wreaths. But this felt, burlap, and button wreath from Teresa D Boyd just says spring to me! I just love the colours and how it would brighten up any doorway.
Image from Teresa D Boyd
Burlap Purse/Tote with Felt Flowers
When I think summer, I think beach time! La Maison Reid has not one, but two great tutorials on burlap bags. You can make a smaller version for your everyday or a bigger version for the beach. They use burlap flowers on the bags, but if you want a pop of colour, I have added a great video tutorial on how to make felt flowers by The L Blog that you can easily use in place of the burlap flowers.

Images from La Maison Reid - Burlap Purse and Burlap Tote

Image from The L Blog

Well that’s all I have for you this time. But hopefully it’s given you a new project or given you inspiration for a completely different project. Either way, don’t put crafting on the back burner for the spring and summer!

You can get any of the felt, burlap and cork products from these projects on our website. Just follow the links below!

The Felt Store links:

Until next time, happy crafting! And, as always, feel free leave us your comments!