Friday, July 12, 2013

"Oh The Things You Can Do With Felt Pads" Part 3

I'm back with another awesome DIY project that makes Felt Floor Protectors Pads a lot more fun than they are deemed to be! Have you ever thought of decorating your wall with our Medium Duty Protector Pads. It's perfect, to create unique wall art that's "begging to be touched" The possibilities are endless, the only thing stopping this from being absolutely amazing is your hesitation!

You can make your own version of this starting off with something more easy and doable. Such as writing out phrases or quotes that mean something to you. Or if you're thinking of something big and over the top why not create a "wallpaper" making patterns out of the Felt Pads.

It's so easy all you have to do:
- Get a handle on our Felt Pads. Which come ready made in brown, green, and even in cork. If you worked with us you know we can do any sort of customization! So wanting a specific colour from our selection is not a problem.
-  Once you've got our Adhesive Felt Pads. All you do is trace out your pattern or words on the wall
-  Peel and stick the Felt Pads on to the traced word or pattern.
Voila! You have a fabulous wall that's interactive and fun, unique and bold, and will definitely add a wow factor to your space.

Here are some ideas you can use: words of your wedding song, a poem, a favourite word, or quote!

Decide to go the pattern route, if you ever get bored you could always play connect the dots or draw out constellations!

Image via Apartment Therapy