Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick Or Treat & Special Offer

Halloween: T minus 2 days!! 

Trick or Treat Give Me Something Good To Eat..
..or how about a 15% OFF Coupon! 

We hear you! with Halloween focusing on the little ones most of the time, we thought we would give the adults a treat as well!!! Soo all you crafter's  designers, felter's, creators...basically everyone we have a SPECIAL OFFER 15% OFF!!! This is a limited time offer so take complete advantage of it guys!! Purchase anything, everything, or even one thing :) Go onto our website and at the check out page copy this Coupon Code: TFSHALLOWEOCT 

 All the creative costumes are going to be making their debut and we are excited to see what our followers have got going on this year! If you've been following our Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook accounts we've been giving you weekly Halloween costume ideas/suggestions. Just last week we thought to give you a pet costume idea! Now it's your turn to get creative and more importantly share your wonderful creations! We would love to see your/kids/pets costumes, we want to see what you got up your sleeve. So send us your pictures, post them on our Facebook page, Tweet them to us :D 

Offer ends November 1st at 12:00a.m. and can only be used once per user. Subject to change without notice. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY Halloween Costume Idea

Halloween is only a few days away! Hooray :D This year it seemed like while browsing the social media world we've been bombarded with all these great ideas! But what's even more exciting for us, a lot of these costume ideas and people are guessed it FELT!!
Which makes us UBER excited :D So this Halloween, The Felt Store decided to have some costume fun with felt and our dog Digit! We love people (we really do) but we thought we would help out our four legged friends and get them into the Halloween spirit as well! The end result being a super cute sheep costume for our favourite four legged friend. We even documented the process so you can recreate, change and play around with your own felt costume ideas!  

Step 1) Cut a piece of felt into a rough rectangle that will be large enough to wrap around the torso of your pet. We decided to go with a classic white sheep, but feel free to mix it up, brown, black, or multicoloured if you’re feeling wild!

We recommend using our Acrylic Craft Felts:

Next find a blanket, or cushion to try and recreate the torso size of your pet. In our case we simply took a piece of rope and wrapped it around two rolled up blankets.

Step 2) Wrap the piece of felt around your test dummy the way you will want it to look on your pet.

Step 3) Take a small handful of wool and place it on top of your test dummy. Use a needle and thread (we used a white thread to blend in with our costume) and stitch the wool onto the felt. Two to three stitches is sufficient, we sewed ours in a cross like pattern. Reference image for clarification.

We sell carded wool online (which is not exactly the same as what we used for our model, but very similar):

Repeat this process until you have covered your whole test dummy. Make sure to leave room for the legs of your pet.

Step 4) Cut out two triangular pieces of felt for ears. Punch holes into each ear with a pair of scissors or a pointy knife and attach to an elastic band that will easily slide onto your pets head. Another option is to fashion a type of Velcro hat with ears attached to the top.

Step 5) Unwrap your felt from your test dummy and cut off any access felt, leaving two sleeves on either side.

Step 6) Find yourself a cute test subject and wrap the felt sleeves around your pets torso. We used safety pins to attach the sleeves, but recommend Velcro if you plan to use this costume over a longer period of time. Cut or tuck away any undesired edges and voila, or shall we say baaaaah, you have yourself a sheep!!