Friday, March 28, 2014

The Spring Series!

Maybe it's a good thing that spring hasn't technically arrived...because I haven't really gotten around to de-cluttering or shuffling things around my home for the annual North American cultural tradition of 'spring cleaning'. So even though I despise that it's the end of March and there is still snow fluttering to the ground. This gives me a little more time to well let go of things I haven't really used or worn in over a year.

I think you pretty much understand the jist of this blog post and where I am taking this...but because I understand that it's Friday I'll say it out loud...S.P.R.I.N.G Cleaning. Now depending on what kind of spring cleaner you are because yes, there are different kinds you might need to really well protect your whole home with the moving of furniture, sprucing the walls with a fresh coat of paint or a new coat of paint, and fixing things here and there around the home. Or you're the type of 'spring cleaner' that really just needs to organize your closet(s) and really just want to welcome back colour into your home. Which ever you are, I'll be helping you out with some neat ideas on how felt, burlap, and cork can be brought into the home. So we start a news series guys! (series are so much fun, also because it forces me to take the time out and blog on a more consistent basis, on that note I am sorry for the lack of posts) but without further ado welcome to our spring series of The Annual Spring Cleaning: Tips & Ideas.

I won't bombard you with the idea of doing chores on Friday, but I will next week every Wedensday until I run out of ideas!

Have a wonderful weekend guys :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You're Invited to St. Patrick's Link Party!

Hey hey,

It's not hard to be green for St. Patrick's Day here is our round up on some fun DIY ideas from this year and old favourites.

Let the good luck fall from the ceiling! One of our favourite throw back ideas, it's great cause if you have left over felt you can make stuffed shamrocks and spread the green into other rooms.

You can find the tutorial on Bunny Cake's blog:

Want a more urban chic look for St Patrick's Day, take some burlap and green paint and create this mantel look. Don't have a mantel not to fret display it on a shelf or create a seasonal wall gallery.

Read the entire post here:

Follow the rainbow with these cross stitched rainbow blocks! We're thinking this could be a great hoop art project with the different rainbow patterns. How do you think the next rainbow block will turn out? 


We found this project on the Craft Mummy read up about the project here:

Another old favourite of ours from MollyMoo, these adorable ways to incorporate that lucky shamrock for hair accessories! 

You can find the picture tutorial here:

Lastly, bringing the luck with this pot of gold burlap wreath!

Unfortunately Laurie from gallamore west blog doesn't have step by step instructions however, as she mentions it's a really easy wreath that doesn't take too long;

Got any ideas or projects in the works for St. Patrick's Day please do share them with us. Would love to add to our collection of DIYs.