Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from The Felt Store

Happy Holidays to all of our loyal customers, friends and family! Thank you for another amazing year at The Felt Store and we wish you all the best for the 2012.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dream of a Green Christmas!

Here at The Felt Store we pride ourselves with our environmental sustainability efforts, and provide our customers with eco-friendly products. Our world is taking a more green initiative, so why not take part and give yourselves and your loved ones a “Green Christmas”! Your family, friends, and environment will thank you! Here is our top 5 “Green Christmas” gift picks for the 2011 Holiday Season!

1) Cork Coasters and Placemats:

This year adorn your dinner table with our cork coaster and placemat sets. We offer a variety of cork styles and shapes that will give your home an organic touch. Our coasters fit any average sized glass or beverage can and are naturally resistant to liquids or spills.

Find at: The Felt Store
2) IPad Sleeves

With Ipads and tablets being all the rage this holiday season, why not safe guard them with our Felt IPad Sleeves. This IPad Sleeve is constructed of 5mm thick industrial gray felt. It features a Velcro strap which safely secures your IPad while allowing it to be easily accessible. Ideal for the stylish and eco-conscious individuals to protect and carry their precious cargo! Also check out our laptop and net book sleeves

Find at: The Felt Store

3) Gaban Poncho
The Gaban Poncho is the perfect gift for the fashion forward someone on your Christmas list.  Pair with your favourite jeans and heels for a fabulous night out on the town or wear it casually for day to day activities. Cinch it with a belt to accentuate your waist line, or wear it loose a more relaxed feel.  Made out of 100% wool, and available in a luxurious natural, earth tone color, this is a wardrobe must have for every trend-setter!

Find at:The Felt Store

4) Wine Carriers

The Felt Wine Carriers are a stylish and innovative method of transporting your wine from one location to another. The wine bottle conveniently slips into the hole, and is ready for you to pick up and take to your dinner party. This is the perfect Christmas gift to give with New Years right around the corner!

Find at: The Felt Store

5) The Messenger Bag

The Felt Messenger Bag is a stylish and practical gift you can give to almost anyone on your list! The timeless design enables this bag to be used on a Multi-Purpose level for both males and females. Use it to store your keys, wallet, cell phones, ipads, books, you name it! Just toss it over your shoulder, and you’re ready for school, work, or running errands.  Available in grey, burgundy and black.

Find at: The Felt Store

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Felt Christmas Decorations

Warm up your house and home with The Felt Store's Christmas decorations. We offer a wide variety of tree ornaments, stockings, and table decorations, which are sure to create some seasonal cheer! Happy decorating from The Felt Store.

1) Doves of Peace Stocking
Bring Hungarian craftsmanship and culture to your home this holiday season with a traditional Hungarian designed Doves of Peace Stocking. Hang this beautiful handcrafted gem on your fireplace or anywhere in your home this year and for many years to come! The Doves of Peace Stocking can be purely decorative and can also be filled with a multitude of small gifts! This stocking is made using the traditional Hungarian hand-cut reverse felt appliqué technique.

Find at: The Felt Store

2) Riverton Pine Stocking
Another great stocking choice is our Riverton Pine Stocking! Also handcrafted in Hungary using the traditional hand-cut reverse felt appliqué technique, the Riverton Pine Stocking will add character and style to your home this holiday season.

Find at: The Felt Store

3) Heart Ornament

The Heart Ornament is a spirited addition to your tree this holiday season! A unique eco-friendly ornament that is perfect for your Christmas Tree. Made from high quality felt using the Traditional Hungarian hand -cut reverse felt appliqué technique, this will fill your heart with joy!

Find at: The Felt Store

4) Star Tree Topper

If you are looking for a truly unique, handcrafted ornament to top your wonderful Christmas Tree this year, we think The Sandor Collection's Star Tree Topper is the perfect fit for you. Using the traditional Hungarian hand-cut reverse felt appliqué technique, this will add style and individuality to your home decor. 

Find at: The Felt Store

5) Decorative Felt Dove

Bring Peace to your home this Holiday Season with The Felt Store's Decorative Felt Doves. These felt doves will definitely put you and your family in the Christmas Spirit.  Hang them on your Christmas Tree alongside our other Felt Ornaments or place them on your mantle, side table, or anywhere else in your home for that cozy Christmas feeling! The Dove is 5 in. long with 6½ in. long wings and is made from our high-quality, eco-friendly 5mm thick felt.  

Find at: The Felt Store

6) Felt Table Decoration Stars

These small felt decorative stars will add the shine to your dining table. The stars are made from our high-quality 5mm designer felt and come in packs of 12 pieces, each of which measures approx. 1 in. X 1 in. You can choose from various colors.

Find at: The Felt Store

7) Decorative Felt Angels
These Decorative Felt Angels are anxiously waiting to guide and protect your home this Christmas! Place them on your mantle, side table, or anywhere else in your home to spread the Yuletide Cheer! Great for adding to your child’s holiday craft projects, the Decorative Angel is the perfect accompanying piece to all of your home décor, and Christmas craft ideas. Available in White and Red. Purchase them in singles or packs of 4.

Find at: The Felt Store

8) Decorative Felt Bell
Hear the bells on Christmas day with The Felt Store's Decorative Bell. These Bell Ornaments will definitely put you and your family in the Christmas Spirit.  Hang them on your Christmas Tree alongside our other Felt Ornaments for that cozy Christmas feeling, and you’ll be carolling around the tree in no time! Made from our high-quality, eco-friendly 5mm thick felt and measures approx. 4 ¾ inch width and 4 inch height.

Find at: The Felt Store 

9) Decorative Felt Reindeer Ornament
What better way to great Santa on Christmas than to have his Reindeer on your Tree! The Felt Store’s Decorative Felt Reindeer Ornaments will definitely put you and your family in the Christmas Spirit.  Hang them on your Christmas Tree alongside our other Felt Ornaments for that cozy Christmas feeling. Why not have one for each of Santa’s Reindeer, can you name them all? Don’t forget Rudolph! It is made from our high-quality 5mm designer felt and measures approx. 4" in width and 4 1/2" in height. Available in Red and White.

Find at: The Felt Store

10) Decorative Felt Trees With Stand
O Christmas Tree! These Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments will definitely have you and your family carolling around the tree in no time! Place a them on your mantle or create a Christmas tree forest for this festive time of year! Made from our high-quality 5mm designer felt and measures 4½" in width and 4" in height. 

Find at: The Felt Store

Also take a look at our Star Napkin Holders and Snowman Decoration only available at The Felt Store!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Kids!

This Christmas kindle your child's imagination with our cork and felt stocking stuffers. Our toys and crafts are the perfect size for stockings and are made out of eco-friendly materials that ensure hours of healthy fun. Our products come in a variety of shapes and vibrant colours to match this holiday season. Happy holidays from The Felt Store!

1) Felt Dinosaur Set

Bring imagination and dinosaurs back to life with these colourful dinosaur shapes. Great for kids to play with and learn from, these are soft, contemporary forms of our pre-historic friends. The felt dinosaur has an adhesive backing that will allow kids and adults to stick the dinosaurs on many different surfaces. The dinosaurs are made from 2mm Design Felt, which is 100% Merino Wool.  This is a set of four dinosaurs. It includes 1 Triceratops, 1 T-Rex, 1 Brontosaurus and 1 Terradactyl. Dinosaurs can also be bought individually. Find at: The Felt Store 

2) 9"X 6" Sketchbook With Felt Book Cover

The Felt Sketchbook features a stylish removable felt book cover that fits any notebook or novel measuring 9" x 6". The sketchbook is hardcover, and has quality blank pages inside- perfect for sketching or note taking. Find at: The Felt Store

3) Felt Book Mark

Keep track of your pages with these eco-friendly felt bookmarks, made from our 3 mm designer felt. The bookmarks measure approximately 10 in. in length and are available in three different unique designs: GOOD LUCK – with a four-leaf clover shaped decoration in Kelly green, SPRING TIME – a butterfly shaped decoration in yellow, and IN LOVE – a heart shaped decoration in bright red. Find at: The Felt Store

4) Felt Pencil Case

The Felt Store's pencil case combines eco-friendly design with functionality and keeps your pens and pencils together. The pencil case is made from 3mm natural gray felt and its edges are finished with a red-threaded stitching. Insert your pens and pencils into the slits to prevent them from moving around. Roll up the case and wrap around the elastic strap sewn to one side of the case to keep everything together. The felt pencil case measures approx. 7.5" in height and 12" in width. Find at: The Felt Store

5) Cork Toy Create
The Felt Store's Cork Toy Create is an eco-friendly toy that is perfect for all ages! Encourage your kids to make towering structures, learn to match blocks, about shapes and texture! All of the edges are rounded or made smooth to limit any chances of abrasion. This product is made from 100% Fine Grain Cork and is the natural brown cork colour. Each package contains 20 pieces. Find at: The Felt Store

6) Felt Hockey Puck

This hockey puck is made of 100% South African wool and is the best choice for gym, floor, and basement hockey players. The soft nature of the felt puck makes it safe to play with at the same time making it excellent for shooting, passing and puck control. Find at: The Felt Store

7) Felt Magnets
Decorate your fridge or playroom with our felt magnets. Available in many different shapes and colours and perfect for creating designs or organizing notes.  Premium felt on the front and a flexible magnet on the back make them stick to your fridge, bulletin board or any other metal surface. Find at: The Felt Store

8) Cork Puzzle- Flower
The Felt Store's Cork Puzzle is a unique and fun eco-friendly product, encourage your kids to put the pieces together to make a small flower! This product can also be used as a hot pad or trivet in the kitchen. Separate the pieces for smaller dishes or put the puzzle together for larger pots and pans. Find at: The Felt Store

9) Assorted Bag of Crafting Cork

A fun and environmentally friendly way to make crafts, our Assorted bag of Crafting Cork contains a variety of different shapes and sizes to be creative with. This bag contains 100 pieces of fun cork shapes for creative crafters. Each bag may contain different shapes and sizes of cork, not necessarily seen in the product images provided. Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, cork is a 100% recyclable product. Find at: The Felt Store

10) Acrylic Craft Felt

Last but not least, our classic Assorted Acrylic Felt Packs are perfect for any holiday crafts. We offer a variety of colors each piece is 9" x 12" and is 1/16" thick. Find at: The Felt Store

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Holidays!

To celebrate this joyous season we made a little video! Happy Holidays from The Felt Store!

Let us know what you think of our video! We hope it brings some Holiday Cheer to you, your family and friends. All products featured are available on

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Felt Designs By Heidi

Felt Designs by Heidi is a special series of items exclusively designed for The Felt Store. Our in-house designer Heidi Roth only uses eco-friendly, high-quality materials and is constantly exploring the possibilities of Felt.

Find her products in our store:

Heidi Roth has been with TFS since the beginning and has been a vital help to the widening of our Felt horizons. Heidi and her husband originate from Stuttgart, Germany and have worked internationally travelling as far as Tunisia, Romania and now Canada. While Heidi has a background in Tailoring, her husband is a mechanical technician for industrial textiles- providing her with a unique perspective on the production process behind the materials that she works with. Heidi was introduced to felt back in 2008, and now shares with us her fascination with the material.

"I am a person that loves to work with her hands, to watch the process of something coming together through the combining of pieces, textures and colours. Felt is one of those textiles that is so versatile, it is interesting to watch it grow into a new product. In a way felt really is, "naturally stylish": placing a colourful table runner onto a plain table can give a whole new warmth and comfortable look to a dining room. Also the combination of felt with other materials can create a variety of interesting looks. Personally, I really enjoy the natural qualities of the industrial felt. It works specifically well in combination with the bright high quality designer felts that we offer. There is something about the roughness of the fibres, and the bits of recycled wool that I like. It's like having a house where everything is perfect: that bothers me. I also like old furniture: the combination of something fine, rich with something old and historic, something that has a story. Felt, especially the industrial, has this same quality."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Felt Etsy Monday!

We love to see what everyone makes with felt and one of the amazing places to see this is on Etsy! We are going to share some of the really great things we see there on our blog, facebook page and twitter! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Don't forget that if you make something out of our felt let us know! We may feature your work on our blog or one of our other web venues.

This scarf is perfect for the fall season. It looks so soft and warm, yet really light and airy at the same time!

We've got our own felt coasters too but check these guys out! We love the thickness, natural colours and shapes for these coasters!

This made us "lol" a little. Check out this old school twist on new technology with this Felt iPad Case in the form of a Floppy Disk.

4) Monogram iPad Sleeve - Merino Wool Felt Light Grey

We also really liked these monogram iPad Sleeves. This particualr style reminds us of the old letterman jackets. Amazing!

FUSION german felt an leather sleeve for your iPad 1 or iPad 2 on request

Moving right along with another iPad Sleeve, we really like the precision of this contemporary and minimal iPad Sleeve.

Have you been catching up on your reading with your Kindle lately? This felt Kindle Sleeve just oozes sophistication and style. We love it!

7) 11 Inch MacBook Air Case/Sleeve (Arbutus) - Anthracite Wool Felt with Dark Brown Leather

We thought this was a lovely look for your MacBook Air. Check out our laptop sleeves too!

D plus Dots Felt Tote - Red

With all the technology, bits and bobs we carry around today, we need a beautiful bag to tote around town! Rimanchik is a wonderful Montreal based company that uses our felt to make there beautiful bags, perfect for everyday use!

Ladies add some pizazz to your outfit with this contemporary, radial, felt necklace! How did they do this? They used laser cutting technology! Amazing!

This was so nice, we had to say it twice. We tweeted about these felt pennants the other day but we like them so much that we had to include them once again! Check out all of their felt pennants for the one that sutis you best!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 10 Back - To - School - Teacher's Essentials

Back - To - School is not just for students but it is also for the teachers! So here we have an additional list of our Top 10 Back - To - School items just for the teachers! In addition to what was included in the Top 10 Back To School Essentials! We have a few more products that you may find perfect for you, your school, your classroom or activities for classes this year!

1) Acrylic Felt

Have some fun with all your crafting projects this year with our affordable and colourful Acrylic Felt! Whether you need large quantities, single sheets, assorted packs or value packs, we have it all here at The Felt Store!

2) Premium Felt

Here is an alternative for Acrylic Felt if you require a higher quality felt for your crafts! Premium Felt adds a little more pizazz to your projects! Also available by the yard, in twenty-five (25) packs and assorted packs.

3) Felt Craft Stickers

If you just need some bits and bobs to stick here and there for your project try out our Felt Craft Stickers! Available in our wacky felt stars and waves, these come in different sized bags. Check them out at the link below! Also check out our felt magnets here!

4) Remnant Felt
The Felt Store tries to make the most of all of our products even our remnant pieces! You can purchase our remnant bags of felt which include a great variety of colours, sizes and types of craft felt all in one bag! Every bag's contents vary but one thing is for sure, the possibilities are endless with all of this remnant felt! Check it out at the link below!

5) Wool and Polyester Filler
Wool and Polyester Filler could be great for class decorations, projects and loads of fun! It is perfect for stuffing and bringing life to your craft creations! See the link below for pricing and details.

6) Felt Storage Baskets
Now that you have all these great products you need a place to store them! These Felt Storage Baskets are perfect for keeping your classroom organised! Available in select sizes and colours, please see the link below for details.

7) Tac - On Wall Kits

Looking for a neat way to display all those amazing class projects, presentations and art work? Try our Tac-On wall kits! Available in a variety of colours, these are amazing for displaying all that great work with the double - sided adhesive felt! Check out all of our Tac-On products at the link below!

8) Insoles

As a teacher, we know you are on your feet all day. Help bring comfort and support to your feet with our insoles! Check them out at the link below!

9) Felt Bookmarks

Keep track of where you are in class with these neat Felt Bookmarks that are available in vibrant colours and different styles. Check them out at the link below!

10) Felt Woven Bag
Sometimes we have large loads to carry to and from class. We have a naturally stylish bag just for you and all your things! Check out our Woven Felt Bag made from our Industrial Felt, it is strong, durable and beautiful! See details at the link below!

All products and pricing can be found on our website, If you have any questions regarding any of our products included in this post, please do not hesitate to contact us at