Thursday, January 31, 2013

Toronto Interior Design Show 2013- The Aftermath!

Hey hey Everyone!

What a weekend!! That's the only way I can explain the show for us. We gave you a sneak peak of what The Felt Store team had up their sleeve's for this years IDS13 show! and let me tell you we could not be more thrilled, excited, happy, astonished and honoured with all the praise and love we got for our booth in particular our felt clocks!! They were such a great hit at the show everyone loved them! So much so that it got featured in Toronto Life Magazine and in Design Lines Magazine as one of the top products/installations to see at the show!! (yayyyy!!!)

The Felt Store Booth
The Infamous Felt Clocks -Now available online

So even though it was a crazy, hectic weekend for our team it was sooo worth it! Getting to talk to everyone on a one on one basis and share our love for felt. The show was full of felt designs and ideas that we soaked in like sponges! I have to give a special shout out to Tiptoe Rugs who won the award for best booth and the wonderful creations they made using our felt and our custom cutting machine. Aside from  showcasing well known designers the show displayed young artists who are still in school. Shout out to the modern, sleek designs of University of Alberta's Riverlot5 program using different textures in their display! We found an amazing furniture designer that loves to include felt in their sofa designs shout out to Montauk Sofa! and lastly (for this blog at least) Simply Green Baby who use our felt to create adorable designs! (Just realized there is too much felt talk going on lol....sorry guys!)
Montauk Sofa made of felt
Tiptoe Rugs- Designer Felt 
Simply Green Baby 

David Van Vliet''s Design using our Industrial Felt  

Aside from all the felt designs, there were some great artistic pieces such as the Blacklab Inc. booth that had  an amazing installation of coloured pencils and painted wood pieces. Earth Inc. was definitely a favourite retreat from all the hustle and bustle of the show...the booth just peacefully screamed serenity.
Earth Inc. Booth 

Blacklab Inc - Coloured Pencil Installation

Okay...I think I've done enough talking for today lol....might not be my last post referencing the Interior Design Show (be for warned :P) I'll let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy the IDS13 through the eyes of our team!!
Miele had waffles dipped in chocolates (nomnomnom)
Flor embracing the winter with their display!

Six Point Un display 
Wool Cushions @ Trunk Studio Design 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Toronto Interior Design Show

Hey guys!

We had blogged about the Interior Design Show a few days back, this is a reminder if you haven't already looked into purchasing tickets for the show...what are you waiting for?!? Come and stop by our booth! Booth #235. We've got some exciting new products that are being shown at the show! You'll be the first to see these products if you come by 1 of the 3 days :D Come by chat with us! we would love to talk to you. If those aren't reasons enough then just know you'll be surrounded by amazing designers and tons of inspirational work to get your creative juices flowing.

The official Opening Night Party & Preview is tonight if you don't have tickets don't fret follow us on twitter @thefeltstore to get live updates throughout the night and throughout the show!! One last attempt for you to change your mind, here are some sneak peaks from the set up last night!!

IDS13 Setup
IDS13 Setup

5 mins of Fame!

Hey Followers!

We have some pretty exciting news (I have a huge smile while I type this) Our Snow Runner Mitts were shown on Toronto's Breakfast Television Horseshoe Resorts 50 Anniversary segment hosted by Jennifer Valentyne.

Yes you read that right!!

 When asked how the snow makers of the resort keep warm one of the employees showed off our gloves! (unfortuntley he wasn't aware that they were from The Felt Store) So he answered by saying (I'm paraphrasing a little bit) that management purchased them online (wish screaming at the TV could make a difference). Sadly Jennifer Valentyne couldn't hear one of The Felt Store's manager scream saying "it's US, it's from THE FELT STORE!" but nonetheless we can blog, tweet, facebook it :D LOVEE social media outlets at this moment.

will post a link to the segment once it's uploaded

Snow Runner Mitts 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Toronto's Interior Design Show Jan 25-27, 2013

Hey Guys!

This is just a short post to let you guys know that The Felt Store will be at Toronto's Interior Design Show next weekend! From January 25- 27. So if you are in the area or at the show please come and stop by at Booth 235! Even if it's just to chat :) We are really excited to show case the Custom Cutting capabilities we have, which is a new addition to The Felt Store this year! It's a great Exhibit to be inspired!

Hope to see you all there:) 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY Wedding Ideas using Burlap

We've focused a lot on Felt for the past few posts and I'm sure you guys understand our complete obsession with it. Sometimes we go a little over board with the fabric :$ (what can I say, it's a dangerous love affair) So I thought I would force myself to deviate from Felt for a little while and move on to some other materials we equally love and carry in stock (I swear we divide our attention equally between all our raw materials hehehe) I got inspired by a new friend we made on our Facebook page; who asked us to give her some ideas of craft projects she can do on her own for her wedding using burlap! (The Felt Store -Facebook) So thanking her for the sudden need to talk wedding!!
Who doesn't love a little wedding post here and there? Whether it be for your future wedding, a  best friends wedding, or the mere love of wedding inspiration.

All of you are well aware of my love for Pinterest and if you're not this will just confirm my statement :D. Now getting that perfect wedding does take a lot of planning (as I've seen and heard) so thought to give you people out there a little visual inspiration and ideas in one easy and convenient post!

Burlap and weddings are like peanut butter and jelly! I am not kidding, and at first I didn't understand the combination but with some of these ideas, I can see why it's such a popular material to use. There are the usual uses for Burlap you've got the table runners, place-mats and garlands/bunting to add that rustic accent but I want to show you 'out of the box' uses of burlap. 

It's the little details that really create the bigger picture. We found this really cute idea on Style Me Pretty and it's definitely an easy project to do. Round up your wedding party and make an evening out of creating this little heart! All you need is burlap ribbon either glue or thread to create the finished look. Remember you don't have to go traditional! Use colour hearts to go the extra mile. For our Natural & Coloured Burlap Ribbon's

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Want to make sure that everyone is prepared for your grand entrance as the bride! All the adorning eyes will be on you with this creative and whimsical sign. Why not have one of the flower girls carry this sign right before the most anticipated moment :) anddd it goes well with that rustic theme you've got going on! Easily made with just scissors, black paint and burlap. Our Burlap by the Yard is perfect for this project!
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Wanting to make sure that burlap goes beyond the wedding day! Why not incorporate it with your wedding party gifts! Consider making an ordinary stainless steel flask into an awesome, customized flask! Spotted on Hair of the Dog, there is no fear that your gifts wont be re-used after the wedding!
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A unique and different take on the traditional boutonni√®re and corsages. Want to keep with the natural look. Tie the Natural Burlap with wheat to complete this simple yet creative idea. To compliment your boutonni√®res have your bridesmaid wear a pretty burlap flower that can be tied on the wrist or pinned to the dress. 

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If you want some more wedding inspiration that includes but not limited to Burlap. Check out our Pinterest page! We go crazy with pinning! The Felt Store-Pinterest

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Sorry followers, it's been a hectic holiday season and now that we are back from the wonderful holiday break, it's been a bitter sweet return to the realities of life. Although on a plus side and keeping with positive's a short week ;)  With that being said, Happy New Year! We at The Felt Store hope this year brings happiness, prosperity,and good health to you and your loved ones! 

Hopefully the year 2012 wasn't too horrible for you all but know that you survived 2012 and now you're on to new beginnings. It's only fitting to quote Edith Pierce "We will open the book, it's pages blank, we are going to put words in them ourselves. The book is called opportunity. and it's first chapter is New Years Day" 

There has been a lot of changes at The Felt Store through out the last year! We officially moved into our new building and are continuing to grow! And boy are we excited for 2013, we're hoping to be better then last year in every aspect of our business and that means continuing to cater to YOU. 

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for following us, and reading up on our blog. We will  continue to bring informative information in a fun, creative and inspiring way! We always love feedback guys! so please leave us a comment below about anything and everything, we at The Felt Store love taking out time to chat with you guys! 

With the new year brings well snow and winter weather for most of we thought to help you out this winter season with some great information about wool! Because let's face it one wool sweater needs to be pulled out of that closest. This winter we will make sure you are wool smart! GQ Magazines has a great guide about wool in all it's glory! Before You Get Wool Rich, Get Wool Smart: A Guide to Wool in All Its Forms By BUREAU OF TRADE 

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Also want know why you have that itchy sensation with wool sweaters? Scientists uncover the itch specific nerve cell! 
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