Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Felt Designs By Heidi

Felt Designs by Heidi is a special series of items exclusively designed for The Felt Store. Our in-house designer Heidi Roth only uses eco-friendly, high-quality materials and is constantly exploring the possibilities of Felt.

Find her products in our store:

Heidi Roth has been with TFS since the beginning and has been a vital help to the widening of our Felt horizons. Heidi and her husband originate from Stuttgart, Germany and have worked internationally travelling as far as Tunisia, Romania and now Canada. While Heidi has a background in Tailoring, her husband is a mechanical technician for industrial textiles- providing her with a unique perspective on the production process behind the materials that she works with. Heidi was introduced to felt back in 2008, and now shares with us her fascination with the material.

"I am a person that loves to work with her hands, to watch the process of something coming together through the combining of pieces, textures and colours. Felt is one of those textiles that is so versatile, it is interesting to watch it grow into a new product. In a way felt really is, "naturally stylish": placing a colourful table runner onto a plain table can give a whole new warmth and comfortable look to a dining room. Also the combination of felt with other materials can create a variety of interesting looks. Personally, I really enjoy the natural qualities of the industrial felt. It works specifically well in combination with the bright high quality designer felts that we offer. There is something about the roughness of the fibres, and the bits of recycled wool that I like. It's like having a house where everything is perfect: that bothers me. I also like old furniture: the combination of something fine, rich with something old and historic, something that has a story. Felt, especially the industrial, has this same quality."