Thursday, July 16, 2015

Feature of the week: Vàs Vertical Planters

Hey guys!

Super excited to be sharing one of our customer's felt journey today. I say it over and over again but it's awesome when our customers share their projects with us! So you can only imagine how happy I was when Morgan one of the co founders of Vàs (soon to be up on kickstarter) reached out via our Facebook page and shared with us and our followers the cool things they are doing with our wool felt. If the title wasn't a good enough clue, Vàs is a company that designs these beautiful vertical/wall planters out of felt.

Their story is about a group of students that got together just a few months back during Spring semester with a common interest, sustainable design. A nature hike lead them to a local farmers market that had a "farm to table" approach, which ended up being their inspiration to create a sustainable product that had the same concept; being able to bring herbs and other plant life into a consumers home.

The goal: to be able to bring indoor greenery with a visually interesting, modern wall piece.

And what better material to use then felt, an eco-friendly textile that alone is known as a sustainable raw material, especially when it's natural felt like 100% wool. The team of three came up with felt planters that are different from what we've seen in the market. A design that is not only sustainable but recycled and aesthetically pleasing and lets not forget to mention the design features: modularity, but it's adaptable, and has storage space.

The perfect solution for urban dwellers who can only dream of having a garden or growing their own herbs. Or simply adding greenery indoors, be it in the home or the workspace. Just think of the colour possibilities! We couldn't be more happy that The Felt Store is part of these young designers dream to bring such a wonderful product into the market! Definitely check out their website for more info or just swoon over their Insta feed! Or better yet make sure to keep your eye out on Kickstarter and help them out!

Design, hang, and plant. Vàs can be rearranged in all sorts of shapes and patterns!

Are you inspired by our customers felt journey? Want to share yours? It's super easy just share your story with us by commenting below or emailing us at Want to get your hands on our awesome felt material? Make sure to head over to The Felt Store!


Friday, July 10, 2015

Our DIY Summer Series

Hey everyone!

Hope the weather is treating you well and most of you have gotten a chance to soak up the warm weather because where we are it hasn't been as "summery" as I was hoping it would be after the brutal winter we had. So it only make senses that this years Summer series revolves around bringing the feeling of Summer/Spring indoors!

This year we going to teach you how to make beautiful felt flowers, not just images (this time) promise! We have full step by step video tutorials on how to make 5 different felt flowers! Which means this is the first of five blog posts on how to get the perfect bouquet for either your desk, as a centrepiece for your home, or better yet as your wedding bouquet! DIY Brides/ bridesmaids we're talking to you! And if you've been on the fence about DIYing you'll all quickly find out it isn't that hard.

After watching our Felt Rolled Up Flower, you'll discover how easy it is to make flowers with felt, and the floodgates of creativity will open! And we're hoping the next 5 tutorials you'll see a beautiful, ever lasting bouquet of flowers bloom!

If you end up making the flowers we are would love to see how yours turn out so don't forget to tag us or share the pictures.

Enjoy the video!



Already have felt flowers? Watch our "How to Style Felt Flowers: Tips & Tricks" Below

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Hello everyone,

We just wanted to take a quick moment and virtually spread our love for Canada on it's birthday. After all it's not official till it's facebooked, twittered, instagramed, and blogged hehehe ;)


We're carrying our pride with our new felt moose keychain (cause it doesn't get more Canadian then the moose). It'll be available on The Felt Store soon! (soo hey, this is kind of like a sneak peek post too). How are you guys showing your Canadian Pride. Let us know! And enjoy the day off.

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