Monday, December 5, 2016

DIY Mini Felt Trees

It's nearly December! Get your home ready for the holidays with festive decor. One of the easiest ways to transform your space is with holiday accents for the mantle/windowsill/ledge.

Whether or not you have space for an actual Christmas tree, you can definitely DIY some mini felt trees, adding a bit of greenery to your room during the winter months. Let's face it you can't go wrong with shades of green for the trees, we also added a bit of texture using cork stoppers for the stumps. But don't feel limited you can add different felt accent colours to work with your palette.


- 9"x 12" Felt Sheets- Hunter/Apple/Emerald Green
- Cork Stoppers
- Glue Gun
- Scissors
- Sharpie
- Templates

Step 1) Take your two tear drop templates and trace them onto the felt, we cut about a total of 80 pieces

Step 2) Take your semi circle template and create a cone shape, glue the ends together. Start gluing the more rounded tear drops at the bottom and use the longer tear drop shapes for the top of the tree. 

Step 3) Lastly take your cork stopper add glue generously on top and press the cone down onto it 

No home is ready for the holidays without a festive wreath and lights. Combine your mini trees with felt holiday wreaths and string lights! Bring a little extra magic to any room by adding felt to transform any space into the perfect holiday backdrop. For the full tutorial click on the images below. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

5 Ways to Welcome Fall

Slow your scroll and see how we are celebrating the Autumn Equinox. When it comes to Fall what better way to bring the outdoors in by mimicking nature. Here are 5 ways you can add fall decor to your space.

1) Learn to make these beautiful trivets for your dinning table with step by step tutorial + free patterns

Source: The Felt Store Blog

2) Decorate your front porch with this beautiful felt wreath

Source: Lia Griffith
Source: Lia Griffith

3) Transition from Summer to Fall easily by wrapping mason jars with felt in rich fall colours

Source: The Felt Store Blog

4) Bring in the rich fall colours and make a statement with your tablescaping. Wrap your utensils with felt and finish it with raffia

Source: The Felt Store Blog

5) An easy way to add a touch of the season into your home is with this easy DIY fall decor project

Source:Positively Splendid 

Obsessed with felt? So are we, we have added new felt fall palettes to our Etsy shop. See the entire collection here: The Felt Store Etsy Shop

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

3 Ways To Get Rid of That Burlap Smell

So you've bought burlap! It arrives at your door and you're super duper excited while opening up your package, and then there is an odour that fills your nostrils. You look around, question the smell only to realize it's coming from the burlap. Don't freak out!! Because burlap is a natural material made out of jute it's only normal for it to have a natural scent to it.

So breathe, it's going to be okay. Below is a list of ways you can get rid of the smell. 

1) Air it out 

The simplest way and the first thing you should try is airing it out with some fresh air. Burlap is usually shipped in plastic which sometimes may strengthen the smell. Unfold the burlap and lay it out in an open space for about a week, but make sure your open space can protect the burlap for the natural elements especially rain. A space like a garage or a porch/deck that has a roof can be an ideal place. If you don't have access to any of the above spaces it's okay. You can air out the burlap indoors it just might take a bit longer but a trick is to have it lay where there is a good amount of sunlight. 

So option 1 didn't work? Move on to option 2, 

2) Wipe it clean

This process is a quick fix to your problems if you don't want to wait an entire week or so to get the smell out. Since burlap is a rough material, take a towel or rag (something that has weight to it). Dampen your towel/rag with water and add a little bit of soap or detergent, you don't need a lot burlap is already a pretty clean product. Once you've got your soap and water mix or water and detergent mix unfold your burlap on a flat surface and rub the burlap down with your rag/towel. 

3) Sprinkle some of that baking soda

Another way to get rid of that natural scent is sprinkling a little bit of baking soda on to your burlap. I mean if it can deodorize that food in your fridge it can say bye-bye to the burlap odour. When I say you need a little bit of baking soda, I really do mean a little bit. You definitely don't want your burlap to smell like arm and hammer. 

P.S we've added some new bright colors to our burlap collection!

Smoke Charcoal

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tag a Dad & Win Felt Indoor Overshoes!

We're running a contest over on our Facebook page for our new and improved Felt Indoor Overshoes. This week "Tag a Dad"

To Enter:

Visit our Facebook Page: The Felt Store
1) "Like" the post and 'TAG a Dad' in the comment section, who you think should win. It could be your Dad/stepdad, your granddad, your partner/husband, and or your brother.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced Friday June 17, 2016 at 10 am EST.

*you must be 18+ years of age. Not redeemable for cash and not transferable. One entry per person. You must reside in Canada or United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).
For more details on the rules and regulations please click here

GOOD LUCK to everyone! Watch our video to see what you can win!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Spoil Dad, he deserves it. It may be hard to find the perfect gift for father's day but it's better than buying a last minute gift. We give you a list for both DIYers and non DIYers. Scroll down to grab all the inspiration you'll need this year to splurge on dad.

1) DIY Felt Laptop Case: A stylish laptop case is must have for dad that's always on the go. Make this felt option, and your dad's computer will never have a trendier space. Find instructions at StoreFrontLife

Storefront Life - Felt Laptop Sleeve DIY
Storfront Life- Laptop Sleeve DIY

2) Felt Tie: A dad can't have too many ties! This year give dad's outfit a modern vibe with a fresh felt tie that is still work appropriate.

3) DIY Cufflinks Case: Make sure Dad has a stylish storage for all his pretty cufflinks. Create handmade gift with felt and linen, Find the full tutorial at Georgina Giles

Georgina Giles- DIY Cufflink Case

4) Felt Slippers: Perfect for lazy days and relaxed mornings that's what dad deserves to come home to something more comfortable than his work shoes and these felt slippers are worthy gift. The 100% merino wool is comfy and soft pair of slippers he'll own. 

5) DIY Felt Catchall Basket: Have you seen dad always scrambling to remember and find his things one too many times? Make his mornings a little more easier by making this DIY felt catchall basket to have everything all in one place. Full tutorial on Honest of Nod

6) Felt Overshoes: For the Dad with the green thumb, the felt overshoes are a gardening must have. The overshoes are meant to slip right over your dads gardening shoes or boots for easy entrance back into the house, protecting your floors from outside dirt. Mom will definitely be happy about this gift! 

7) Felt Keychain: Make everyday things more personable with felt keychains because lets face it you can never have too many keychains. See the entire collection here  

What will you surprise Dad with this Father's Day? Get more inspiration for gift ideas by following us on Pinterest!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Feature of the week: Felt Artist Ellen Bleiwas

Passage No. 160501-1
Ellen Bleiwas

Project type: Installation
Date: Jan- May 2016
Affiliated institution: Art Gallery of York University
Material Use: S.A.E F-1 Felt off Cuts, 3/8" - 1/2" thick 
F-1 Industrial Felt

In collaboration with The Felt Store, York University student and independent designer Ellen Bleiwas came up with a concept that was developed for a local curatorial intensive exhibition with an underlying theme of "After great pain, a formal feeling comes" at the Gales Gallery at York University.

In her own words Ellen explains how this installation depicts the underlying theme of this art exhibition . 

"Passage No. 160501-1  is an immersive installation that takes interest in the relationship between the passage of one's body through the space and psychological change of state. Long strips of industrial felt are stacked vertically and hung on an aluminum frame, creating thick felt walls that carve out a rectiiliner spiral- like form. The interior passageway is a narrow enclosure, tightly enveloping a viewer as (s)he enters. This enclosure induces sensory deprivation- sound is increasingly muffled as one moves further towards the center, and the view towards the outside world is cut off. This experience seeks to precipitate a gradual disconnection from one's immediate context, and a gradual heightened awareness of self in a space of solitude."

Her installation is up until May 13! If you are near York University do pay Ellen a visit! Or visit her website

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Feature: KIP Felt Chair Project

KIP Project 
Hilary Leehan, Joanna Lok, Connor Mcleod, & Ervin Yalung

Project type: Chair Design
Date: Jan- May 2016
Affiliated institution: Humber College North
Material Use: SAE F7 Felt, 1/4 inch thick 
F-7 Industrial Felt 
In collaboration with Greenwood College School, Humber College student of industrial design worked in teams to design a chair or furniture system to fit into the newly renovated area. Through interviews with the current students and a walk through of the existing facility, each team utilizes anthropocentric data to conceptualize and build a chair. KIP is a lounge chair with the focus on providing privacy without isolation. It exists in learning common areas, spaces with abundance of natural lighting and applicable for communal use. The use of natural materials to create a slight barrier from disruptions, along with a large cushion provides comfort, privacy, and support for the user. 

Why did you decide to use felt as a material? 
Felt provided rigidity but flexibility to the chair. It's ability to be manipulated and form to the user sitting in it and provide a slight barrier from external disruptions was key feature of Kip. 

What was your thought process while actually working with the material?
The thought process while working with the felt for the upholstery of Kip was to make a flat pattern out of paper, cut out the felt, and then sew it by hand to create the pockets on the back. We hand punched through two layers of felt sewed it togther


What were your objectives and goals for this project?
The objective of the project is to create chair for Greenwood College School students that would fit into the expanded area. Kip was designed to be a lounge chair that provides space for individuals without isolating them. The natural materials chosen reflect the school's theme of the outdoors. 

What was your inspiration for the project?

Explain your felt experience in three words.
Challenging, robust, encompassing 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Feature: Felt Typography Poster

Is this Felt?...Now it is!
By: Sarah Paul & Franziska Brand

Project type: Poster Design
Date: November 2014
Affiliated Institutions: The Felt Store, Swash & Serif, Black Cat Gallery 
Material's Used: 3mm Solid Designer Felt- Bright Red, Apple Green, Orange, Yellow, & Sky Blue
Service Used: CNC Cutting

Is this Felt...Now it is! Is designed by very own Sarah Paul & Franziska Brand from The Felt Store. The concept was developed for a local typography exhibit called Swash & Serif, hosted by Black Cat Gallery in Downtown Toronto. The individual coloured felt sheets were glued together using a spray adhesive and then custom cut with our CNC cutting capabilities.

The design rational was to combine a quirky play on words and Sarah and Fran's favourite textile, wool felt, this poster was a representation of their design and work life. They live and work primarily in a digital world, yet representing a textile that must be touched and felt. Yet, most of their time is spent publishing in pixels tying to convey the look and feel of this very tangible product.  The poster allowed them to go back to the basics by using pen and paper for the typography, translating it into a digital format and finally translating it back to a tangible end result that can be felt.