Friday, September 27, 2013

Felt Geometric Wall Art

Hey hey everyone!

Today I'm going to be posting a quick and easy DIY project that is perfect as a weekend craft. We at The Felt Store as you know moved into a new building about a year ago! And slowly but surely we've been creating an inviting and warm office space for everyone here of course by using felt! We stumbled upon Craft Blog's Geometric Felt Artwork ( which inspired us to create felt triangle wall art using the fall season as our colour palette! We used rich reds, oranges, and yellows to create our artwork.

Check out the tutorial below to create your own Autumn wall art for your space!

- 9" x 12" Felt Sheets 
- Triangle Stencils
- Glue/Tape
- Scissors
- Bristol Board
- Frame


1) Plan out how you would want the pattern to be and how the colours would be placed on the bristol board. Below is that pattern and colours we used!

 Felt Colors: Red, Antique Gold, Orange, & yellow

2) Next cut out the triangles in each colour you have chosen. We used a stencil to make sure our triangles were a consistent size.

3) Using the printed out guide shown in step 1 we taped down the triangles on white bristol board. You can definitely use glue to secure the triangles. 

4) After placing all the triangles onto the bristol board, you'll have something that looks like this! Simple, easy and adds a pop of colour and texture to your space. 

You don't have to enclose it in a frame, you can even leave out the glass or plastic from the frame so that you can actually touch the felt! Interactive artwork is always great. 

What fall crafts have you been working on? Let us know below! It's always great to see what you all are up to :) 

Happy Friday guys!