Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holiday Series- Holiday Gifts

We are nearing towards the end of our Happy Holiday Series sadly, this officially being the last post prior to Christmas! Yup Christmas is now officially a week away! Hopefully all of you are not completely stressing out due to gift shopping...and if you are in a situation where sifting through the mall crowds is just a headache or if you are in one of those all time predicaments where time is passing at the speed of light and physically walking around the mall is just not an option. Then The Felt Store's Part 3 of this series can help you out! If you are wanting a holiday gift without the hassle here is our 2012 Holiday Gift List all in one neat little blog!

Our Hiking Socks have always been a popular item for the winter seasons! It's comfort and style all blended in 4 different colours of your choice! With 2 pairs per pack this is an excellent gift to add into the stocking or presents. I means just look at them! Click Here  to get our Hiking Socks. 

For the wine lovers in your family or friends circle or even for co-workers, why not purchase a unique wine rack as opposed to the traditional and the same old options. Plus our Felt Wine Racks are eco-friendly! Made of 100% high quality wool you can choose from olive green or black. It easily holds up to 9 bottles and is the perfect gift choice. Click Here for our Felt Wine Rack. We also have other options for beer & wine accessories, Click Here to look at our options.

One can never go wrong with electronic accessories and for that tech savvy/tech geek our Ipad Sleeve is an innovative, stylish way to make sure that Apple product is tucked away safe to prevent any scratches or damages to it. What's different about our Ipad sleeve compared to the rest? Well, our Ipad Sleeve is an eco- friendly option constructed by 5mm thick grey Industrial Felt and features a secured coloured flap so no need to worry about the Ipad slipping out. Plus our Ipad Sleeve is a simple design for anyone to appreciate and the best part; it accommodates any Ipad! So no, you don't need to buy a completely brand new sleeve for the next Ipad that comes out. Click Here for our Ipad Sleeve.We also have Felt Laptop Cases and other electronic accessories, Click Here for those options. 
For the fashionista/ trendsetter of your group this is one beautiful,unique, and  a one of a kind piece! A bold gift and definitely something no one else can copy or own! Our Penelope Clutch is a simple yet extraordinary purchase that can speak volumes! Watch her jaw drop in awe when she unwraps the gift to find this exquisite clutch. Made with 100% designer wool and accented with leather it's well worth the expression and speechless-ness she will experience. Comes with a teal accent or a olive green, pick your colour and watch the magic happen when this clutch is unravelled! Click Here for both colour options.
Lastly, we can't forget about the little ones, now can we! Want an eco-friendly toy to give this holiday season for that little man or the princess of the family. You can go educational or pure amusement and entertainment route, chose your pick! For that little sports enthusiast in him or her our Felt Hockey Puck is great. The soft nature of the felt makes it safe to play without jeopardizing the thrill of the game. An excellent way to practice shooting, passing and puck control. Watch the blistering shots or the lighting quick saves without clenching your teeth and peeking from one eye, cause there's no sting of rubber! Click Here for our Felt Puck.
Our Cork Toy is a perfect gift for all ages, encourage kids to make towering structures, learn to match blocks, about shapes and texture. The Cork Toy is an interactive, eco-friendly gift, that will keep the kids entertained for hours plus their learning all at the same time! All edges are round and smooth to limit any chance of abrasion. Each package contains 20 pieces that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Click Here for our Cork Toy. 

Of course this is our short, sweet and simple list of gift ideas, we could go on and on with things that can be given from our website! So since we've spared you a trip to the over crowded mall, why not quickly browse through The Felt Store website for all sorts of unique gifts that are ready to be delivered for the holidays. 

Tune in for our post Christmas blog next Wednesday and our final and last edition to our Happy Holiday Series! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holiday Series- DIY Felt Decorations

Welcome to our Happy Holiday Series- Part 2! 

Last week we started off our Holiday Series with a wonderful Christmas themed video using our love, Felt! Today we thought to blend our love for crafts and felt together! You guessed it, we're going to help you, inspire you, and get your creative juices flowing with our DIY Holiday Crafts using our Felt!! 

We are all in fast forward mode getting everything ready for the holidays (which is about 2 weeks away..eeeks). With social media such as Pinterest (one of my personal favourites) decorating might be a little easier this year or if you're anything like me, at least you can stare at the pins hoping your home looks remotely close to what you see on the internet! Let's face it sometimes those Pinterest pins seem way to complicated to be a DIY project unless you've been crafting since you were a baby (which I haven't..). So to make your life easier and to reassure you that you can have simple and easy DIY decorating projects we thought to list a few ideas for you to craft on your own or with family and friends! Here is our 2012 Holiday Felt Decorating Ideas! Enjoy. 

1) Distressed Gingerbread Man 
We found this absolutely hilarious and cute Gingerbread Man ornament pattern to hang on your tree this was blogged by Elsie Marley. Either stuff this Gingerbread Man or don't, this is a really simple project. To see the step by step process along with getting a hold of the print out pattern here is the link: Use our Crafting Felt and Polyester or Wool filler which can be found here.

-Brown/Tan Felt 
-Snippet of White Felt
-Stuffing (Polyester, Cotton, or Wool filler)
-Red, White, Black thread
-Two red buttons 
-Glue Stick 

2) Felt Mitten Garland
Combine your love for felt and garlands with blogger Kelly's easy and simple DIY project. You can personalize this project as much as your heart desires with colours and decorating the mittens the way you like it! Find the full tutorial and mitten pattern here: If you're looking for that heathered look use our Designer Felt which can be found here: 

-Various Felt colours
-White Felt
-Twine or something to hang the mittens 
-Glue gun/stick 

3) Rainbow Coloured Christmas Lights 
Use this picture as an inspiration for decorating your Christmas tree, use as a garland, or as gift tags! You won't need to worry about these lights burning out! And it can be a lot cheaper than purchasing all those lights. Use our single Acrylic Felt Sheets which can be found here: This idea was found on Choose colours that tie into your home decor or use as a bold focal point! Create these handmade lights with family or friends! 

-Various coloured Felt 
-Stuffer (Polyester, Cotton, Wool filler)
-Green ribbon 
-Green thread 

4) Distressed Gingerbread Man Stocking 
Pair the distressed gingerbread man ornament with this equally funny and unique stocking! Blogged on Dream A Little Bigger. We can't help but share this find with you guys, blogger Allison has made this easy to recreate with a free print out pattern for anyone who wants to craft this comical stocking! You can find the pattern here: Use our Crafting Felt:

-Red, Brown/Tan, White, Black, Blue, Pink Felt 
-Tan thread 

5) Mistletoe Ball 
This list could not be complete without a DIY Mistletoe ;) This mistletoe kissing ball adds that festive touch to the holiday decorations. Enjoy watching people try to avoid it or discretely near towards it. Blogged by Apartment Therapy. You can find the step by step tutorial here: Use one of our many Felts to create this holiday tradition! Find our Felt here:

-Green Felt 
-Pom poms (optional)
-Thread to hang 

Hope you all enjoyed our 2012 Holiday Felt Decorating Ideas edition to this series! Don't forget to tune in next Wednesday for our third instalment of our Happy Holiday Series!  If you end up creating anything you see here leave us a comment and let us know! or leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of this blog :) 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wishing you a heart felt (no pun intended) Happy Holidays! (Part 1)

Welcome to our first blog of December and our Happy Holiday Series! 

It's December!? Already??! If you haven't already realized the Holiday Season has jump started! And if you're lucky your local malls are temporarily being visited by a jolly, old man who goes by the name of Santa Clause ;). Christmas Trees have been decorated in and around the city, and you somehow automatically feel the need to be sipping hot beverages by a frosted window over looking a cold, snowy winter day! 
Well we at The Felt Store thought we would spread our festive energy on to you guys! So for the following Wednesdays of this month don't forget to get a little dose of The Felt Store Blog, as we begin our Holiday Season Blogging. 

So what do we have in store for this Wednesday, well let's start off with a bang shall we :) What better way to start off December than to create a holiday themed video with everything felt (of course!) Hope all of you enjoy the video as much as we loved creating it! Join us next week!!


Special thanks to: 

Sarah Paul
Franziska Brand

Christmas Shopping
by Craig Riley

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello Everyone! 

It's Black Friday yayyy! Sales, Sales, Sales!! (jumping up for joy :D) While you guys are out bargain hunting don't forget to check out The Felt Store website within the comforts of your own home and skip all that crowd!

If you guys missed out on our Halloween Sale, make sure to take advantage of our weekend long Black Friday Coupon which allows you to save 15% on all purchase worth $50. This is a limited time offer, runs from Nov 23, 2012- Nov 28, 2012 (12:00 am) 

Check out: and enter in Coupon Code: TFSBLKFRI2012 
Contact us at for further details or questions regarding our promotion. 

*subject to change without any notice. This can only be used once per customer and cannot be combined with any other coupon code. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Felt Vessel Project Fall 2012 - Fashion Accessories

The Felt Store has been presenting the Vessel Project winners of the Dec 321.02 Interior Decorating Class at Humber College. The project is in collaboration with professor Susan Schwartz and her students. This week we are featuring some Fashion Accessories!

Alva Au, “2-Way Clutch”

The 2-Way Clutch takes a classic accessory and turns it into a chic statement piece for your outfit. This clutch features a soft wave-like weave on one side, and flips over into a natural grey wool facade for added versatility. The inside of the clutch is lined with an off-white cotton fabric for a cohesive look inside and out. Alva showed true skill and craftsmanship with her machine and hand stitching. This clutch is not only reversible but can be worn in any season with almost any outfit. Perfect with a little black dress!

Materials Used:
Industrial Felt
Cotton Lining
Zip Closure

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Alva Au, at

Maheen Waheed, “Cloudy Hat”

Maheen's inspiration for the Cloudy Hat is a combination of "Pirate Hats" and "fancy British Hats"! This hat is truly a Fascinator that made us look! The primary material is of course, wool felt that has been meticulously cut, shaped and strategically placed to entice you. Maheen died the smaller felt pieces using purple and green food colouring. This is entirely possible due to the high wool content of the felt used. The Cloudy Hat is both machine and hand stitched using aluminium wire on the edges to give the hat the perfect curves and shape. We love how Maheen interpreted this project and took it beyond the traditional concepts.Materials Used:
Industrial Felt
Designer Felt
Aluminium Wire

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Maheen Waheed, at

Arturo Arredondo Miranda, “Ammonite Purse”

Arturo took inspiration from Origami Figures to make the Ammonite Purse. Using natural wool felt and a little imagination, Arturo was able to construct a functional purse using an earth tone colour palette. The Ammonite Purse features a large compartment to fit all of your day to day items as well as a painted wooden handle. The ridges at the base of the bag mimic the ribbed, spiral shape of Ammonites.The curves of the Ammonite can be seen in the shape of the bag, how the colours of the felt interact with each other and in the handle.

Materials Used:
Industrial Felt
Designer Felt
Zip Closure
Wood Handles

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Arturo Arredondo Miranda, at

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Vessel Project 2012 - Backpacks

The Felt Store has been presenting the Vessel Project of the DEC 321.02 Interior Decorating Class at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. This post is part 2 of the project in collaboration with Professor Susan Schwartz and her students. This week we are excited to focus on a variety of creative backpacks, we hope you enjoy!

Norma AjuBatz, "Hippo Backpack"

Kids love vibrant colours, and so do we! This adorable children’s backpack was inspired by Norma’s love for animals and her younger sister who is now going to be the coolest kid in school. Felt is an excellent material for children due to its natural fibres and soft touch. The felt used for this project is a durable Industrial Felt - dyed with kool-aid in order to achieve its fantastic colour. The backpack comes with a main compartment big enough to fit school supplies, plus adjustable straps and a front pouch perfect for stashing snacks. What a creative and fun backpack!

Materials Used:
Kool-aid for colour
Nylon Webbing
Plastic Buckles 

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Norma AjuBatz, at

Jackson Rusli, “Barney’s Backpack”

The focus of this bag is a simple compact design, originally inspired by a bag purchased in Taiwan. Jackson chose to enhance the natural qualities of felt with the choice of neutral colours - beige, brown and gray. The bag has been crafted with adjustable straps and a front buckle giving easy access to your daily essentials. The compact size of this bag makes it perfect for cycling through the city or weaving through crowded spaces. Overall this bag is well designed and functional, a great combination!

Materials Used:
Nylon Straps
Plastic Buckles

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer Jackson Rusli, at

Rudy Thamrin, “Berzzinni Messenger Bag”

Carry your things in style with this Industrial Felt Messenger Bag. The quality of this bag really comes out in the detailing of trim and its unique angular shape. The bag easily fits a laptop and features a thick adjustable strap perfect for comfortably running around town or traveling abroad. Rudy’s choice of textured industrial felt gives the Berzzinni bag a natural and classic feel with a distinguished shape.

Materials Used:
Plastic Buckles
Nylon Strap

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer Rudy Thamrin, at

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Felt Store: Movember 2012

This year The Felt Store wanted to show our support and help raise awareness for the fight against prostate cancer. The month of Movember has become a worldwide event that people participate by procuring a "well groomed" moustache for the month of November. Learn more about the event, how to participate and donate at

Depending on your situation, you may not be able to grow some of these fancy moustaches! So we made some Felt Moustaches for our friendly co-workers to don for the event! Check them out in their 15 minutes of fame in the video below! We want to know how your mo is growing or maybe you made a moustache too?! Share your stache tips, tricks, images and videos with us! Are you looking for donations? Share your links and we'll tweet our support.

Special thanks to:
Wolfgang Kirsten

Jose Ortiz
Holger Roth
Franziska Brand
James Kloepfer
Marina Iraheta
Sarah Paul
The Felt Store

Music "Into the Groove" by Albert Marlowe

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Felt Vessel Project Fall 2012 - Home Decor

We’re excited to present the DEC 321.02 Interior Decorating Class at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. For those of you who have just started following our blog, The Vessel Project is orchestrated by Professor Susan Schwartz, who encourages students to explore the infinite possibilities of felt! Students get a chance to use their artistic minds to come up with an innovative design prototype that can carry objects using felt - provided by The Felt Store. In the next few weeks we will be posting some of these creations on our blog, so keep checking up on us! We’d like to thank all those who were a part of this great project and congratulations to Susan Schwartz and her students for the hard work and creative inspiration!

Melissa Clarke, "Decorative Felt Basket"

It’s one of those “why didn't I think of making this” kind of pieces! Ordinary yet unique in so many ways, from the details of the braided felt tube to the colour combination that Melissa Clarke used. This could be a great addition to the home. Using the Autumn season as her inspiration tying in the warm and earth tones but understanding the concept of colours by adding that pop of Burnt Orange to get an overall great looking basket! This could be a fabulous storage idea or just a great design to add that extra “umph” in any room!

Material Used:

Industrial Felt
Designer Felt
1/4" dowel

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Melissa Clarke, at

Aline Ferraz, "Lily Chandelier"

Every design, concept and idea always has a special story behind it, Aline Ferraz story, her feelings were translated into this wonderful piece. Wanting to express her love for family she channelled her emotions and created something that can be turned into reality. Something that can be physically felt by the touch of your hands. You can really feel the warmth in this design with the pastel colours of cream and light blue being used to create such a seamless lamp, that’s ultimate function is to shine light in the darkness just like family! Really inspirational piece and definitely speaks volumes.

Materials Used:
Sisal Twine
Recycled Wire
Fabric Glue

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Aline Ferraz, at

Kara Smith, "Basket/Storage Bin"

Keeping in line with fascinating and unique interior design pieces, Kara Smith has done no less in her wonderful multifunctional storage/basket design. The intricate details of the red woven string to honeycomb exterior adding the perfect unique look! The grey wool to line the basket gives one a warm, fuzzy feeling inside! This piece was inspired by work wool socks with the cream, grey, and red used as her colour palette and really taking her inspiration and turning into such a unique vision. Honestly, another great piece that would tie in any room together or as the title suggest a one of a kind storage bin to keep that clutter away. As Kara Smith suggests “ has an interesting aesthetic”

Material used: 
Remnant Industrial Felt
Wool Yarn

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Kara Smith, at

Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick Or Treat & Special Offer

Halloween: T minus 2 days!! 

Trick or Treat Give Me Something Good To Eat..
..or how about a 15% OFF Coupon! 

We hear you! with Halloween focusing on the little ones most of the time, we thought we would give the adults a treat as well!!! Soo all you crafter's  designers, felter's, creators...basically everyone we have a SPECIAL OFFER 15% OFF!!! This is a limited time offer so take complete advantage of it guys!! Purchase anything, everything, or even one thing :) Go onto our website and at the check out page copy this Coupon Code: TFSHALLOWEOCT 

 All the creative costumes are going to be making their debut and we are excited to see what our followers have got going on this year! If you've been following our Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook accounts we've been giving you weekly Halloween costume ideas/suggestions. Just last week we thought to give you a pet costume idea! Now it's your turn to get creative and more importantly share your wonderful creations! We would love to see your/kids/pets costumes, we want to see what you got up your sleeve. So send us your pictures, post them on our Facebook page, Tweet them to us :D 

Offer ends November 1st at 12:00a.m. and can only be used once per user. Subject to change without notice. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY Halloween Costume Idea

Halloween is only a few days away! Hooray :D This year it seemed like while browsing the social media world we've been bombarded with all these great ideas! But what's even more exciting for us, a lot of these costume ideas and people are guessed it FELT!!
Which makes us UBER excited :D So this Halloween, The Felt Store decided to have some costume fun with felt and our dog Digit! We love people (we really do) but we thought we would help out our four legged friends and get them into the Halloween spirit as well! The end result being a super cute sheep costume for our favourite four legged friend. We even documented the process so you can recreate, change and play around with your own felt costume ideas!  

Step 1) Cut a piece of felt into a rough rectangle that will be large enough to wrap around the torso of your pet. We decided to go with a classic white sheep, but feel free to mix it up, brown, black, or multicoloured if you’re feeling wild!

We recommend using our Acrylic Craft Felts:

Next find a blanket, or cushion to try and recreate the torso size of your pet. In our case we simply took a piece of rope and wrapped it around two rolled up blankets.

Step 2) Wrap the piece of felt around your test dummy the way you will want it to look on your pet.

Step 3) Take a small handful of wool and place it on top of your test dummy. Use a needle and thread (we used a white thread to blend in with our costume) and stitch the wool onto the felt. Two to three stitches is sufficient, we sewed ours in a cross like pattern. Reference image for clarification.

We sell carded wool online (which is not exactly the same as what we used for our model, but very similar):

Repeat this process until you have covered your whole test dummy. Make sure to leave room for the legs of your pet.

Step 4) Cut out two triangular pieces of felt for ears. Punch holes into each ear with a pair of scissors or a pointy knife and attach to an elastic band that will easily slide onto your pets head. Another option is to fashion a type of Velcro hat with ears attached to the top.

Step 5) Unwrap your felt from your test dummy and cut off any access felt, leaving two sleeves on either side.

Step 6) Find yourself a cute test subject and wrap the felt sleeves around your pets torso. We used safety pins to attach the sleeves, but recommend Velcro if you plan to use this costume over a longer period of time. Cut or tuck away any undesired edges and voila, or shall we say baaaaah, you have yourself a sheep!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mr. Darcy in Felt Form

As you may have already guessed, we at The Felt Store love all things Felt. Imagine our excitement when we found out about Cozy Classics- a new children's book series that presents well-loved classics in a simplified format along side needle-felted illustrations. The credit for these beautiful books go to Vancouver authors Jack and Holman Wang, and designer Sara Gillingham. The detail of the felted figurines and realistic photography create a life-like effect that gives children a truly unique introduction to timeless classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick.

We hope you enjoy seeing Mr. Darcy in felt form as much as we do, and we look forward to seeing what Cozy Classics comes up with next.

Pride and Prejudice in Felt, the best of both worlds!

The timeless classic of Moby Dick in a new light.

Interested in seeing more? Have a look at The Cozy Classics trailer.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Designers and Felt: Alyssa McMurter

Circle Time Mats

Lately, we've had the pleasure of working with the lovely Alyssa McMurter! A local rug designer and mother in Ontario, who has used our felt to design and create her latest collection, Tiptoe Rugs! We asked Alyssa a few questions about the collection and this is what she shared with us!

Building Blocks Rug

What inspired your felt collection?

I wanted a soft floor covering that would be made of natural fibres and simple to maintain when my son was learning to crawl. The luxurious feel of wool, felt’s ability to withstand daily life with children, and the overall natural integrity of wool felt were all very appealing, so I tried it out at home. I was thrilled with the performance, and developed some simple, timeless rug designs to enhance other children’s spaces as well.

Magic Carpet

Can you describe your process from concept to final products?

The designs are cut from your choice of 21 vibrant colours of Merino wool felt, and are shipped within 1-2 weeks. Custom shapes can be created to accent a specific space or motif.

Circle Time Mats

What is your favourite felt item?

My favourite felt item is any piece that has found a second (or third) life in a new shape. For example: A large felt rug can be cut into several smaller rugs when a room layout changes. An area rug becomes a bedroom runner, a bath mat, and some play mats with some well planned snips.

Magic Carpet

What is next for Alyssa McMurter? Any thing with felt?

Tiptoe Rugs will be featuring new designs throughout the coming season, and showcasing how they are being used in different settings. Tell us about a space you would like to improve with a Tiptoe Rug.

All featured products have been designed and created by Alyssa McMurterAll images were provided by Alyssa McMurter. Felt and custom cutting is available at The Felt Store.