Friday, February 27, 2015

Craft Thearpy: DIY Felt Bunny Emoji Coasters

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the second last day of February! Yes, it's already almost March! And it seems like all the DIY-ers are getting ready for Easter. If you weren't aware Easter will actually be arriving earlier then it did last year so it's probably best to get planning. I got inspired by Apples announcement of diversifying their emojis so I took it a step further and created these bunny emoji coasters! A little fun cheer for your glass to rest on. Or string them together and make them into a garland! Below are the materials and steps to make them yourself! You can either get pre-cut white felt circles or if you wanting to cut out the circles yourself you can get our 1.2mm designer felt 12" x 12" sheets.

Felt Circles
Designer Felt 12" x 12" Sheets
Fabric Paint
Paint brushes
Cork Coasters


1) I picked my favorite emoji's and started drawing them along with a pair of bunny ears onto a card stock paper. Once I got the drawing right. I cut out a template.

2) Either take your pre-cut felt circles or if you are cutting your own coasters take your white felt and cut 4 3.5 inch diameter circles. Also make sure to cut out bunny ears!

3) Now take your template and place it onto the felt circles. Make sure it's secured onto the felt so that it doesn't move. Now you're ready to paint! (I felt like I was back in elementary school!)

4) You'll be left with ears like the one's below and once you've got each of your emoji faces painted on the'll look like the one below too.

5) I then glued the ears to the back of the face. If you're wanting to turn them into coasters (like I did) take the cork coasters and glue them to the other side of the felt so that they don't move.

Or turn them into a garland! Just sew a string through each side of the face and hang!

What are you making for Easter? Share your projects with us!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Felt Laptop Sleeve

Hello everyone!

We had Monday off (which was much need). However, today we're back to that 9-5 work session and after the long weekend am I super glad last weeks Craft Therapy was a tutorial on how to make Stenciled Felt Mouse Pads! It really is helping me get through the day today. Want your work space to inspire you as well? Read last weeks blog on how to make your very own diy felt mouse pad (like the ones below)

So what does this weeks Craft Therapy hold? Well I am super excited because this week we have a guest blogger taking over! We partnered up with Kristen from Storefront Life who was looking for some thick industrial felt to protect her laptop from her daily commute! So over the long weekend she took out some time crafted away with our felt to make an easy modern laptop sleeve with a leather accent. 

Below was a sneak peak that she posted over the weekend! To recreate her laptop sleeve you'll need the following things. 


Scrap Leather
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine 

 Image from Storefront Life blog
Image from Storefront Life blog

The finished look is a simple modern laptop sleeve with a genius cut out to make it easy for you to take out the laptop from it's snug felt sleeve. All those commuting woes of lugging around a laptop bag on top of your purse and of course that morning coffee are no more! Now all you need is a large purse to put your laptop! 
Images from Storefront Life
Images from Storefront Life

Friday, February 13, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Stenciled Felt Mouse Pads

Hey hey everyone!

It's Friday + a long weekend for us (wohoo!). This week's Craft Therapy is the perfect DIY to do over the weekend and will benefit you for when you do have to go back to work. Who says your work space has to be boring?! (not me). A DIY that looks like something you'd buy, it takes an office essential that tends to get overlooked and turns it into the focal point of your desk! Make them for your entire office as a fun exercise or one to upgrade your home office.

Reversible Felt Mouse Pad 
10" Round Designer Felt Mouse Pad
Fabric Paint/ Paint markers


1) Find a phrase or saying that will motivate you or means something to you. Print it onto a sheet of card stock paper and cut out the letters so you're left with a stencil.

2) Tape it to your mouse pad to keep it from moving. I used a paint marker to do both the versions. It's a little more work (but it gave me more control). I had to go over it twice to get the desired black shade and the white outline.

3) Remove the stencil slowly to reveal your upgraded felt mouse pad. *it drys super quick so you can start using it right away*

That's how easy it is! Not a quote kind of person? Go geometric! Or monogram your initials onto the mousepad. The possibilities are endless.

A follower on Facebook mentioned she tried using paint and felt together only to have the felt turn really hard once the paint was dry. I would recommend making sure the felt is thick and dense enough to absorb the paint, for example the Industrial Felt and designer Felts we carry. Also I made sure to use fabric paint. I'll be uploading a quick video showing how different types of felt react to different types of paints.

Monday, February 9, 2015

February Craft Therapy is in Session

I can't believe it's already Feb (Even though a full week has gone by). 5 days till Valentines Day, 3 weeks till spring like weather and it's been a month of Craft Therapy! We have a whole new set of DIY's for this month. 

Want to see what January was all about? Read our past blog posts for all our craft therapy DIY's or click on the images below. 

Felt Keychain Set

Mini Felt Heart Wallart
2 Five Min Felt Cat Toy 

We will be starting off this month with how to stencil onto felt! Taking our felt mouse pad and dressing it up to keep you motivated during the work week. Get the girls together and turn a girls night into a craft therapy session by taking our felt cup cozy's and your love of coffee/tea and making your own personalized cozy! Or cheer's to the weekend by crafting and personalizing felt coasters with the stencil technique! Once you see all the ideas you'll know the possibilities are endless! 

Check in every Monday to see what the project of the week is and every Wednesday to see my progress.Every Friday will be the big reveal to see the finished results! You can also control what we make! Tell me what you would like to see crafted with felt or join our group board on Pinterest (just ask to be invited) and add to the inspiration!