Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Craft Therapy: 5 min DIY Felt Cat Tous

Hi everyone!

I apologize for the delay for this weeks craft therapy session. It's been a hectic week with me spending last Friday at the Interior Design Show (blog post on that to come soon). So I was playing catch up on Monday.

Without any delay I bring to you the instructions for this week's project. The title may say "Cat" but really you can modify  the toys so that it can suit your four legged friend. We'll be using the 2mm designer felt sample bag again for this craft. You can see what we did with the sample bag in our previous DIY here.

2mm Designer Felt Sample Bag - two bags
Fabric cord
little bells

Rainbow Cat Toy 

Looking for a small toy your cat can play with on their own? This version is perfect.

1) Arrange the colours the way you would like them to be in. Cut about 7 inches of cord.

2) String the felt samples through. Add the little bells on each end and then add a few more felt, and the bells again.

3) Tie a simple knot at the end and volia you have a 5 min cat toy!


Cat Toy Felt Wand

1) Arrange the colours the way you wan them. Cut about 12" of cord.

2) String the felt samples through and alternate with the little bells

3) Tie a knot to the wand

Oh yes I definitely took videos! Look at Coco go.

Want to see what else we've been crafting? Click on the link to see the tutorials and final projects

- Felt Keychain Set
- Felt Mini Heart Wall art + Bonus Geometric Wall Art 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Felt Wall Art

Hi Everyone,

I hope your weekend went well! If you're reading the blog for the first time and aren't sure what Craft Therapy is referring to this is just a quick summary. The goal for craft therapy is for everyone to collectively be creative, or trying to use craft as a way to de-stress (since life can get a little crazy sometime), or simply if you have decided that in 2015 you want to learn new things every week. My goal is for this to be kind of like a virtual craft along! Doing the DIY projects together! Every Monday I'll introduce a new craft and we'll focus on it for the week. I'll continue to show my progress as I go through the DIY and show you my finished version on Friday. I would love to see how your progress goes so do share your pictures. If you want to do a specific project then I am totally open to it. We have a group Pinterest board that is dedicated to all the DIY's we have done or inspire us, or would like to do. You are more then welcome to join, just let me know in the comments below.

For a more detailed idea of what Craft Therapy is please click here. Do you want to see what we made last week? Find our first Craft Therapy DIY here.

Moving on to this week's diy, as the title suggests we are going to be doing a felt wall art! If your walls are looking a little flat, this diy will definitely perk them up. Again we're starting of with super easy projects and ones that won't take more than an hours total. As long as you take out 10-15 mins each day you should be able to finish it off in a weeks time.

As mentioned in last week's post we'll be using our Rayon/Viscose Felt Sample bag, it comes in 44 colours. However, the sample bag has 88 pieces (2 pieces of each colour) so it's perfect swatch since you'll have an abundance of colour.

Valentine's Day is less than a month away, so I felt a little love couldn't hurt. I'll be cutting little hearts in most of the colours and gluing it onto a white card stock paper/poster paper.

I got inspired by the image below

Rayon/Viscose Felt Sample Bag
White Poster Paper/ Card Stock paper
Glue Gun
Mini Heart template (optional)


1. Select the colours you would like to use. I'm using about 16 different colours from the pack.

2. Either cut out a template of a mini heart and trace it onto the felt. Or if you're looking for a more handmade version free style your hearts!

3. Cut between 2-4 mini hearts for each colour. There really isn't a hard or fast rule, if you want more of a certain colour than cut more of those compared to the others. You can also do an ombre version. Or a certain colour scheme.

4. line the mini hearts in columns and rows down the sheet of paper by using a glue gun. You will really just need to dab a bit of glue for it to stick on the paper.

5. take your poster paper/card stock paper and put in a frame to either add it to your already existing wall art or to start one.

I ended up doing a bonus wall art, using some of the scraps from the above diy. Taking inspiration from the geometric wall art at the beginning of the post I created the second felt geometric heart. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Felt Keychain

Hi guys!

So I took a vote on which of the 3 crafts diy's listed in yesterdays post would everyone like to start off with. You can read yesterdays post here. Seems like everyone is in organization mode and this craft does just that. It's piratical, easy and won't take up much time either.

If your goal is to start de-cluttering the space around you this will take it one step further! Make yourself a DIY felt keychain set for the new year so that you're not fumbling in the cold to open your door or trying to figure out which key opens which lock.

I have a few suggestions on how you can use our 2mm designer felt samples to create a fun keychain. First of the sample bag is perfect because the samples as you can see come with holes! So you don't have to struggle to push the material into the key ring. Also since it is made of 100% wool it can withstand the bottomless pit which we call our bag. Because of the wool property it won't pill (start to get fuzzy and leave fibers) like the felt you find at your local craft stores. And if none of that convinces you, it'll be a colourful touch!

Okay, so let's get started with what you'll need and the instructions. Remember guys we're starting off with easy crafts which won't take much time so you don't have to finish the DIY in one sitting. Since I do have other jobs at The Felt Store other than crafting away  I'll be taking out 15-20 mins each day. I'll show you my progress tomorrow and would love to see how you guys are making your own version or crafting along!


2mm Designer Felt Sample Bag
Keychain & key rings
Thread & Needle

Felt Keychain Set- Cut Out Felt Letters

Want a little dangle? And a fun way to identify your keys? Then this DIY is great for you.

1. Start by choosing the colours you want to work with from our 2mm designer felt rectangles (it's the perfect size not too big and not too small)

2. Draw with your pencil or fabric pencil the letter that will represent each key. For example: An "H" for your home keys, A "C" for your vehicle keys, an "M" for mail keys etc.

3) Cut the letters out making sure the hole is of course still intact.

4) Once you're done cutting the shapes, move it through the key ring that will hold the key.

Felt Keychain Set- Embroidery Felt Shapes

So maybe your cutting skills are not that great but you work well with a thread and needle. Or maybe you would like to practice your sewing skills. Try this version to organize and label your keys.

1)  Start by choosing the colours you want to work with from our 2mm designer felt rectangles (thata re are the perfect size not too big and not too small)

2) Draw out the shape you would like to represent each key. Since you're sewing it may be easier to let say have your work keys be represented with a money symbol ($). 

3) Take your needle and thread and use the drawn lines as your guideline to sew the shapes onto the felt!

4)  Once you're done cutting the shapes, move it through the key ring that will hold the key.

Want to just figure out whose keys are whose? You Can create a monogram felt tag for each set, Either by cutting out the first letter of each name or embroidering the letter onto the felt. 

Those are the instructions if you need any clarification ask away in the comment section below! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Craft Therapy Day 1

Hi everyone!

Okay the week has officially and I hope the new of craft therapy starting will make this week just a little brighter for you. We're going to start off with projects that are practical but most importantly that are super easy to make and don't take up too much time. This way you can commit to at least a few minutes or even half n hour to complete some of these DIY. I'm going to be listing 3 felt projects, don't fret we're not going to be finishing them all this week we'll take it one week at a time!

However, I would like to know if you have a preference on which craft we should start with? So, maybe it would be helpful if I listed the DIY's lol.

1. A felt key chain set to help you keep your keys organized and not fumbling to figure out which key locks which door!
This is perfect if you're trying to stay organized for 2015 and it's going to add a fun touch to your set of keys!

2. Felt geometric/abstract wall art. Walls looking a little flat? We're going to perk them up with felt art to add a bit of colour and texture in your space!

3. Lastly, I want to include everyone that may be in the household so a quick DIY cat toy.

I'll list below what felt materials I'll be using along with any extra things you'll need for the project.


2mm Designer Felt Sample Bag
Rayon/Viscose Sample Bag
White Poster Paper
Rod with hole at the end
A Cute Key chain 
Glue Gun

I'll be posting the instructions tomorrow so that we can start crafting and you can gather materials. 

See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Craft Therapy for 2015

Hello everyone & Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday went well and congrats you survived the crazyness that does come with the break. Nonetheless 2015 is here the time off is over and the entertaining, stressing on getting the perfect present, having the best NYE party is well behind us. So, BREATHE! You definitely survived the hectic, busy schedule that comes with the end of the year. Putting 2014 behind us and focusing on moving ahead is my mindset and what does 2015 hold for us at The Felt Store and me (the blogger behind it) I don't know about you but my goal (not resolution :p resolutions never work...) is to definitely keep clam, stress free and take out so more time to be creative and craft away.
This lead me to start thinking "I'm sure there has to be some of you who feel the same way?" (right!? I'm not alone in this am I?) Maybe you'd like to take out some time to be creative for personal reasons or for your business or just using crafting and creativity as a way to de-stress yourself from the busy life that we call reality.

So how am I acting on this goal and I would love for all of you to join along! I'm going to be starting (as the title suggests) Craft Therapy! I'll be introducing 3 fun projects and tutorials so that you can gather all your materials. And the following weeks every Monday I'll share which project we'll be doing along with step by step instructions on how to make the project. Share some pictures along the way of my progress through out the week and you can do the same (show your progress if your following along with my projects or of course projects of your own) then every Friday I'll share the final finished craft! Again I'd love for us to do this together so if you would like to share your final version or a final project that you've been working on that would be wonderful! To encourage everyone to share I'll be adding a Craft Therapy Pinterest Board which you can find here: and if you'd like an invite just let me know in the comments below or any of our social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and I'll invite you to the board.

This journey or de-stress time is just to encourage creativity, some "me time", or a way for you to learn something new every week! So keep checking back here, starting next week I'll share what the projects will be and links to where you can get the material! Any feedback would be great so do let me know what you think.

I'm super excited about this and I really hope it turns into something wonderful that we can all be apart of!