Monday, August 15, 2011

The Vessel Project - "Felt Sculptural Vase Holder"

What better way to start off the week than with another spectacular creation from a recent graduate from Humber College. Here is Melanie Macewen Dias and her Felt Sculptural Vase Holder.

This sculptural vase holder reminds us of the "Column" (1967 - 1968) by Ulysse Comtois (1931 - 1999). The interactive sculpture commissioned in 1968 can be seen in the National Gallery of Canada in the Garden Court. Like Comtois's "Column", Melanie has designed an interactive sculpture that allows you to manipulate the shape as you please. Using our remnant felt, she successfully cut individual pieces to size and arranged them in a stacked manner that could easily be manipulate to a variety of forms around your vase. The vase holder can be kept straight and in line or twisted to create lines that form a smooth curve or an irratic display of texture. This is truly a stimulating twist on the conventional thoughts of a vessel.
Materials Used
- Remnant Felt
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