Friday, November 29, 2013

Revamp Your Wall Using Felt & Cork - Easy DIY Project

Happy Friday everyone!

I found this nifty idea and thought I'd share this DIY project that get's you to think outside the box, with items you wouldn't normally think of using on the wall. I always love seeing unconventional ways to use something that usually has a strict purpose. Like using place mats as modern wall art!? Whaattt. Yup, the image below which I found on pinterest (of course, that's my go to place to get inspired) made me realize that you can use our Felt Round Mouse Pads in the same way! This is a simple easy DIY wall art. Instantly create polka dot walls with a burst of colour!
Source: Pinterst

Get the look:
Round Felt Circles:

Maybe you want a more natural look for your space? And want to move away from the circles that are floating around. Imagine using our Square Cork Mouse Pads to get the looks below and they can also double take as mini cork boards!
Source: Pinterst

Source: Pinterst
Square Cork:

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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Felt Store: Promotions!!

Hey Hey guys,

Hope your weekend was great! Just wanted to give you all a reminder and to let you know that this year The Felt Store is having it's biggest Holiday Promotion thus far! And we cannot be more thrilled! On top of our Shipping Promotion that started earlier this month and goes on till January 5th, 2014. We'll be giving you all 15% OFF the entire store this Black Friday through till Cyber Monday!

So 15% OFF + $5.00 off Shipping = Amazing Savings!


Happy Shopping!


Friday, November 22, 2013

A Felt Thanksgiving -- Link party!

Happy Friday everyone! 

We've got one week till Thanksgiving dinner is upon us and I'm sure a lot of you aren't making last years mistake of keeping everything to the last minute (or at least trying to...) Well even if you are, here are some easy and simple felt projects to get inspiration from. 

let's start off with this fun idea on a way to add ambiance to the home using mason jars and felt. These bloggers used paper to create the feathers but come on, you know using felt would be better ;) 

Project from Crafty Lumberjacks
A very unique napkin holder or it could be a utensil holder too! This blogger also has a step by step tutorial on how to make your own. 

Project from Daisy Mae Belle
Okay We've got the lighting, the place mat and napkin holder covered now you just need place cards to add the finishing touches to your table! 

We found this great idea that includes twine to add a more natural feel and look on the table. This DIY also has a tutorial included to show you how to make the cornucopia. 

Project from The Bright Ideas

Now I know the title says "A Felt Thanksgiving" but I could not, not share this next project/idea and plus we can mix it up a bit here At The Felt Store! hehehe So here is a bonus idea on Card Holders. (P.S. this idea can definitely bring in the "thankful" element to the whole holiday" 

A simple project that can have a wonderful impact on your guests this Thanksgiving. Use Burlap to create envelope place cards. Inside each one, leave each guest a note about why you're thankful for them. Speaks volumes doesn't it!?

Project/idea from Atta Girl Says

Hopefully this list gets you thinking about your thanksgiving decor! Have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Tablescaping for American Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!

As always I hope you're all having a fantastic Friday! So as usual I've been perusing through the internet to find interesting trends, what's unique things are being made with felt/burlap/cork and it seems everyone is in fast forward mode to the Holidays. Here I am like "but, but it's only really the 1st week of November! We haven't even had American Thanksgiving. Where did all the turkey decorations & ideas go!? Did the turkey not get to cross the road!? Did Santa like eat this turkey up  and was like muahahaha Christmas came early this time!" 
I know a lot of eCommerce and guru's had predicted this to happen; I guess I shouldn't be that surprised that people  have started holiday shopping and sharing their decorating ideas early, but can we at least let the 2nd week of the month pass! At least. 

So I'm going to make a stand and today's post will be how you can use Felt, Burlap, and Cork to get ready for what seems to be a "disappearing", "invisible" Thanksgiving dinner! We had tons of fun on the set of this photo shoot and yes the benefits of it was we got to eat the food once we were done! So for the few people out there who are thinking on how to decorate the home for turkey day here are some tablescaping ideas and over all decorating ideas for the home!  

 A Felt Store Thanksgiving

 A Felt Store Thanksgiving

All these products showcased can be found at Are you a DIY-er? That's fine we can supply you with all the materials you'll need at

Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Promotion for New & Returning Customers!

Happy November & Happy Friday all! 

Hope the first of the month is treating you well, it sure is for me :) But hopefully this blog post will add more of a cheer for everyone! 

We know that Holiday shopping is either on your mind or will be very soon and we know how expensive it can get, but more importantly we LOVE our customers new or returning and we appreciate you all! With appreciate we come bearing a gift, we are starting a holiday promotion earlier for you all.

Receive $5.00 OFF shipping when your subtotal is over $49.99! That means you can go felt/burlap/cork crazy...and it starts NOW till January 5, 2013! 

Visit us at The Felt Store

Visit us at The Felt Store! I told you I would make your day just a little bit better ;) Have a wonderful weekend!