Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Felt Easter Garland

 Hey everyone!

As you can tell Bunnies, Chicks and Easter Eggs have taken over our blog! We're embracing the springtime spirit and of course tying it into Easter (which is just around the corner by the way!). As you know we're a big fan of adding personal touches here at The Felt Store and showing off handmade and DIY projects. We've got a few easy ideas that will set the perfect backdrop to your Easter celebrations. This project is so easy that you won't have an excuse for not decorating your home this year.

9" x 12" Acrylic Felt - Yellow
9" x 12" Acrylic Felt - Lavender
9" x 12" Acrylic Felt - Violet
9" x 12" Acrylic Felt - White
Fabric Paint & Paint Brushes
Glue Gun
Yarn/ String

1) Either make or find a bunny and chick template and start tracing the chick onto the yellow felt and the bunny onto the white felt. I traced out 6 chicks and 5 bunnies.

2) Cut out the chicks and bunnies from the felt and take your fabric paint and paint out eyes. and two rosey cheeks! Using excess black paint make an "X" for the mouth or of course go ahead and make them smile! You'll be left with something like what you see below! 


3) Glue the 11 pieces in any pattern you like, I created the pattern below for my garland 

Now you can stop here if you like! But we do have a quick tutorial on how to make an Easter Banner as well to accompany the bunnies and chicks!

5) Repeat step 1 but this time tracing out a banner and letters. Once you've traced out your letters and the banner shape, you'll have something similar below. 

6) Once you've done all the tracing, cut out the banner and cut out the letters as well so you're left with something similar.

7) Now it's time to glue! Take either yarn, string or ribbon you'd like the banner to be stuck on. I choose to keep the bright colours going and use our teal colour wool yarn which complimented both the felt animals and the "Easter" banner. Flip your felt animals and banners and start gluing ( I used the eyes as my guideline in terms of keeping the string centered) 

Once you're done gluing you'll have a finished garland to place on your walls or mantel! Perfect diy touches to your Easter brunch setting. 

What felt projects are you working on for the big celebrations? Share them with us by using the hashtag #thefeltstore or tagging us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

6 Approved Music Festival DIY Flower Crowns

Warm weather means Coachella and other music/summer festival that will be right around the corner! Which means it’s time to amp up your flower crown game! Instead of taking the easy route and buying one, why not DIY your very own felt flower crown to last you year round! We found a few pretty versions to make heads turn.

Image via huisvolkleur

1) Bright Flower Crown: A more simple look but we're loving the green band and the added butterflies!

Image via Molly and Mama

2) Spring Flower Crown: Mix it up with felt and crocheting, and shiny embellishments

3) Minimalist Flower Headpiece: Okay, so maybe you're not the one to adorn your full head with flowers add a few felt flowers to a head band and go for a minimalist approach. 

Image via craftiness is not optional

4) Single Flower Headband: Make a single flower and attach it to your head band to add a simple boho look 

Image via bloesem Kids

5) PomPom's & Felt Flower Crown: You can't go wrong with adding pompoms to your felt crown.

Image via beautifully rooted

6) Fairy Flower Crown: Layer felt flowers and add a little veil at the back! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Felt Easter Eggs

Hi everyone,

Last week I finished up the craft therapy diy just before the day ended so I didn't get a chance to write up the tutorial. So here it is how to make your own Felt Stacked Easter Eggs. Have them as decorations on your Easter table or turn replace one of the patterns for a name to turn it into a name card that can be taken home! How would you use it?

Thread & Needle
Glue Gun 
Acrylic Paint (fabric paint)

1) Start by cutting out an egg template and trace two egg shapes onto each felt sheet. You'll be left with 8 pieces. 

2) Either go free hand or make templates for each pattern or face you would like to paint onto each egg. I decided to make a template of each pattern. For one side of the egg I went with a kawaii smiley face, the classic polka dot, a single stripe and a kawaii surprised face for the violet egg. On the other side I went with a floral patter, polka dots, single strip and plus sign pattern. (You can substitute a pattern or face for a name of a guest, and turn these into place card for your table and a give away) 


3) Paint each of the eggs and let dry. On a side note: Since acrylic felt is quite thin and not dense the paint does absorb a little onto the other side. So be mindful of that when painting. 

4) Once your felt eggs have dried it's time to sew and stuff! Sew till you have about an inch left to sew and then start stuffing. 

5) Gather up a handful of polyester stuffing and carefully fill your eggs. You can add more or less depending on how full you want your eggs to be.

7) Once an egg is stuff continue sewing until you reach your last stitch. Continue with this process for the other 3 eggs. 

8) Take a cork plug and slice it in half so that you have a flat base to place on a table. The curved side of the cork plug would be your gluing base. 

9) Take your glue gun and generously spread the glue on the curved part of the cork. Then take your felt egg and place it onto the cork and hold the felt egg firmly down onto the cork plug. Now take your glue gun again and generously spread the glue onto the first felt egg. Take your second egg and gently place the egg on top of the first one. Once it's in place, gently press down the felt egg to make sure it sticks. Continue this process until you get to your last egg. 

You'll be left with something similar:

                               Front                                                                             Back    

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Craft Therapy: Last Minute St Patrick's Day DIY

Hi everyone,

Happy St. Paddy's! Hope you're all enjoying yourselves responsibly ;). For those of you who have a last minute get together and want to add a bit of green to your space this Felt Banner literally takes 5 minutes to make! Super easy. All you need is green felt.

1) Draw out shamrock's on the dark green felt and the word "Lucky".

2) Cut out the Shamrock and the word from the dark green felt, You'll be left out with a cut out.

3) Place the dark green felt on top of the light green and glue the corners. Turn the felt around and place black string and glue each end of the string and voila!

Hang it by the couch or door and you've got some green on your wall!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Pot Of Gold Treat Bag

Hey everyone!

This week's craft therapy is all about the Irish Luck! The adults can't have all the fun on St Paddy's Day. Make this adorable Pot of Gold Treat Bag. Below is full tutorial.


12" x 12" 2mm Designer Felt
Viscose Sample Bag
Chocolate Coins
Glue Gun


1) Trace out a 2 pot onto the Black 2mm felt square. Like you see below. Once you are done cutting the pot of gold, you can either sew the two together or you can glue the edge. This will create the bag.

2) Cut out a strip of black felt. This will be the handle of the treat bag.

3) Take out the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple from the Viscose Sample bag And start to wrap the squares around the strip from both sides. So that there is no black showing at all. Using the glue gun to keep it together. I separated each color 2 inches apart.

4) Once you are done gluing the rainbow colours onto the strip. Take each end of the strip and bring the two ends together by gluing them together.

5) Take the ends and glue to each side of the pot. You'll be left with treat bag like below! Add some chocolate coins and voila you got yourself pot of gold treat bag!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feature of the Week: Woodpecker's TOYS

Hey, hey everyone!

Hope your Tuesday is going well and the first couple days of March have been treating you well...because so far March has only brought us snow. Welcome to Canadian Spring ;) At least it's not -20 degree Celsius. 

Speaking about Canada, I got a chance to speak with local Canadian Etsy shop owner Chloe who just a mere 3 years ago opened up her Etsy shop, along side her husband together they have created beautiful felt kids toys and mobiles! It's so wonderful when our customers come forward and share what they do with all that felt they purchase. You really never know what to expect and when I got a chance to briefly chat with one of Woodpecker's TOYS's creators I wouldn't have guessed that our felt was being used for such beautiful baby mobiles and creative felt crowns!

Woodpecker's TOYS have created products that focus on kids imaginations and at the same time understand that their products need to last a long time! With such creative and interactive toys I had to ask her where the two of them get all their creativity from and how does a design get chosen. She let us in on her secret! 

"Our goal is to provide children with fun quality toys that will last. And we are also committed to buy Canadian source product. But the first step in producing our toys is allowing ourselves to play! We play with a wide variety of patterns, colors and shapes to create toys that will have a special interest for each child. And to be honest the colors of your felt are so inspiring" - Chloe

And I think this is what sets this husband and wife duo apart, they allow themselves to be free and imaginative with their minds and the materials they use! Chloe and her husband also do custom orders so the possibilities are really endless! Check out their Etsy Shop here: Woodpecker's TOYS for fabulous handmade felt products. Or find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/woodpeckerstoys

 Image from Woodpecker's TOYS Etsy Shop
Image from Woodpecker's TOYS Etsy Shop
 Image from Woodpecker's TOYS Facebook
Image from Woodpecker's TOYS Facebook