Wednesday, May 29, 2013

iCan 2013 Fundraiser Gala

Last weekend the Inner City Outreach organization hosted their annual iCan 2013 fundraiser gala which raises money for Toronto inner city youth. A wonderful evening, with great company and great food! Guest speaker Jonathan Hood, Toronto Argonauts linebacker did a wonderful job engaging the audience with a wonderful motivational speech. After a lovely four course meal came the exciting yet, silent auction ;) With all sorts of prizes, tickets, and gift cards, we were happy to be apart of this great event by donating a few felt door prizes and even more thrilled for the new owner of our Woven Felt Bag that was won at the auction! Want to learn more about this organization and the wonderful things they do! Check out their website: 

iCan 2013 Silent Auction- Winner of our Felt Woven Bag

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Burlap for Wedding Series Part 3

Welcome to the last edition of our Burlap for Wedding Series! Today I'll be going through a few miscellaneous ways you can use burlap at your wedding, whether it be as an accent or to add to your the rustic/shabby chic themed day! That's actually one of the reasons I love burlap because it can simply be a great accent to your wedding, even if burlap is not part of your big day!

As you have noticed most of the idea's I've shared with you over the past 2 weeks are all DIY projects you can do with your family and bridesmaids help! So it's definitely easy to incorporate what you see below into your wedding even if it is a few weeks away!

Hopefully all these ideas will get you to re think using burlap at your wedding and inspire you or create your own personalized version! We may be focusing on Natural Burlap but you can use coloured burlap and create the same ideas to add a pop of colour :)

We also know that sometimes it just an impossible task to sit and make 100's of decor items. So we've got you covered! Check out our Burlap Utensil Holder and Burlap Pouch which will be available for purchase on the website: The Felt Store.

Here is our final list:

Wrap your bouquet or any floral arrangement with a burlap bow to keep everything together. Just by adding a small accent like this can do wonders! Take it a step further and pair the burlap with lace or ribbon to add to the elegance.

Look at the bigger picture and don't just focus on the table decor. If you're having an outdoor wedding and have a lot of flowers or greenery at the venue, have you thought about wrapping the flower pots with burlap! This can add a great natural accent or can be a great alternative to hide those plastic pots and this way you don't have to reach too deep into your wallet to find a nice way to add  flowers or plants into the mix. 

We love our burlap bows! (as you can tell) They are so versatile and a great look any where it's added! Such as this idea; adding it to the back of chairs or exclusively to the bride and groom chairs! 

For those of you who have been kind enough to follow our blog, you know that earlier this month we had a video tutorial on how to make burlap flowers! Well this is how you can incorporate that same DIY project into your wedding! Add it as table decor on to each guests plate, use them through out your wedding, or use it like we have as a wedding photo prop! 

This post wraps up our Burlap Wedding Series! But I would love to know how you plan to incorporate burlap or already have at your special day! Let me know in the comment section below :) and of course any feedback is much appreciated!
-We've got the material & we've got the ideas for you! Now all you have to do is create the perfect rustic look for the wedding! 

All our Burlap Materials can be found here:

For all of you who have Memorial Day off, hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Burlap for Wedding Series Part 2

I'll start by apologizing that I didn't get a chance to post anything on Wednesday. I was off being no slacking or gallivanting around, trust me it was not fun. However, I'm here now and excited to show you how you can use Burlap to decorate your tables! So without further ado let's get started, shall we.

Centre pieces are usually the focal point of your tables and it really ties in the entire decor into one neat little bow. So if you're going for that natural, rustic, shabby chic look, here is an idea or inspiration on what you could do. 

We have a great idea on how you can number your tables and add a treat for your guests all at the same time! Use a small mason jar fill it with chocolates/candies (we chose M&M's) and wrap a burlap tag with the number written on it! How awesome is this idea!?

Add just a hint of burlap to your table by using Burlap Utensil Holders to have a touch of rustic look ;) These will be available on our website soon!!

Lastly adorn the entire table with a burlap runner! But wait, add a little ribbon bow at the end of it so that it brings together the entire table!

P.S. that table runner can also double take as a photo prop for your wedding shoot! Just look at the image below! 

The wonderful thing about all these ideas is that they can merely be accents or accessories at your wedding!

We'll end of the series next week with some great miscellaneous DIY ideas on how a little burlap can be added here and there!  :)

All our Burlap Materials can be found Here:

-We've got the material & we've got the ideas for you! Now all you have to do is create the perfect rustic look for the wedding! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Burlap for Wedding Series- Part 1

Hi Guys!

As promised on Monday we start our Burlap Wedding inspiration blog post! The great thing about all of the idea's I'll be showing you over the next few weeks is that there definitely easy and last minute DIY wedding projects. They can even be last minute rustic touches that you can add. So even though you've got most of your planning done, we can still help you add the final touches to your special day. Or we can help you be the best maid of honour/bridesmaids a bride could have ;)

Let's start with  invitations. That rustic/natural look can start right from the get go with this Burlap Invitation Pouch or Pocket!

If you're having a exclusive intimate wedding you can easily use our Burlap Sheets to create this. If you're having quite a few guests Burlap by the Yard might be a better way to go. Just cut out a proportionate size rectangle, fold it in half, and either stitch or glue the ends depending on what kind of finished look you want.

Continue with the rustic/natural look with your favour bags or wedding party gift packaging! This way your guests are really taking something back with them from your wedding. Plus how thoughtful are you for giving them something that can be reused in any way they want! The bonus thing with our Burlap Pouches (which will soon be available for purchase) is that the plain canvas let's you add your very own personal touch.

I already gave you a sneak peek of what the next Burlap project can be. Can you guess? You're right, or maybe slightly off, depending on what answer you were screaming at the screen lol. The Menu! One of the most important part of your wedding and what some of your guest (if not all) are looking forward too. Burlap doesn't have to give off a rustic look, it can also be very classy and it could be a great simple accent to your wedding and the tablescape. Even if you are not using burlap throughout your special day. 

Again, with the menu's depending on how many guest have RSVP'd you can use the Burlap by the Yard or the Burlap Sheets to create this look. 

All these ideas have one thing in common! These can be excellent accents or accessories to your wedding  even  if your special day doesn't consist of Burlap! You can easily incorporate the Burlap into your wedding with these ideas and it can add that little extra detail you've been having a hard time thinking of.

That's a wrap for today's post! Sorry to be leaving you with wanting more...but stay tuned next Wednesday on how you can use Burlap for tablescaping :)

All our Burlap Materials can be found Here:

-We've got the material & we've got the ideas for you! Now all you have to do is create the perfect rustic look for the wedding! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Burlap for Wedding Series

Hey Hey Guys! 

Hope all of you had a great weekend! Last week at The Felt Store office we were busy creating & photographing for our Wedding Series! 

That's right! We've got a new series for you guys and these are great last minute burlap ideas that you can do for your wedding or as the bridesmaid/maid of honour for a friends wedding! We've got the supplies and we've got the ideas for you. Now all you have to do is create the perfect rustic touch to the wedding by using Burlap! 

All these ideas were created using our burlap material which you can find here: Link to Burlap

An exclusive sneak peek of what we will be showcasing for the next few weeks! Check back with us this Wednesday for our first DIY Burlap Wedding Idea!