Friday, February 13, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Stenciled Felt Mouse Pads

Hey hey everyone!

It's Friday + a long weekend for us (wohoo!). This week's Craft Therapy is the perfect DIY to do over the weekend and will benefit you for when you do have to go back to work. Who says your work space has to be boring?! (not me). A DIY that looks like something you'd buy, it takes an office essential that tends to get overlooked and turns it into the focal point of your desk! Make them for your entire office as a fun exercise or one to upgrade your home office.

Reversible Felt Mouse Pad 
10" Round Designer Felt Mouse Pad
Fabric Paint/ Paint markers


1) Find a phrase or saying that will motivate you or means something to you. Print it onto a sheet of card stock paper and cut out the letters so you're left with a stencil.

2) Tape it to your mouse pad to keep it from moving. I used a paint marker to do both the versions. It's a little more work (but it gave me more control). I had to go over it twice to get the desired black shade and the white outline.

3) Remove the stencil slowly to reveal your upgraded felt mouse pad. *it drys super quick so you can start using it right away*

That's how easy it is! Not a quote kind of person? Go geometric! Or monogram your initials onto the mousepad. The possibilities are endless.

A follower on Facebook mentioned she tried using paint and felt together only to have the felt turn really hard once the paint was dry. I would recommend making sure the felt is thick and dense enough to absorb the paint, for example the Industrial Felt and designer Felts we carry. Also I made sure to use fabric paint. I'll be uploading a quick video showing how different types of felt react to different types of paints.