Friday, February 27, 2015

Craft Thearpy: DIY Felt Bunny Emoji Coasters

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the second last day of February! Yes, it's already almost March! And it seems like all the DIY-ers are getting ready for Easter. If you weren't aware Easter will actually be arriving earlier then it did last year so it's probably best to get planning. I got inspired by Apples announcement of diversifying their emojis so I took it a step further and created these bunny emoji coasters! A little fun cheer for your glass to rest on. Or string them together and make them into a garland! Below are the materials and steps to make them yourself! You can either get pre-cut white felt circles or if you wanting to cut out the circles yourself you can get our 1.2mm designer felt 12" x 12" sheets.

Felt Circles
Designer Felt 12" x 12" Sheets
Fabric Paint
Paint brushes
Cork Coasters


1) I picked my favorite emoji's and started drawing them along with a pair of bunny ears onto a card stock paper. Once I got the drawing right. I cut out a template.

2) Either take your pre-cut felt circles or if you are cutting your own coasters take your white felt and cut 4 3.5 inch diameter circles. Also make sure to cut out bunny ears!

3) Now take your template and place it onto the felt circles. Make sure it's secured onto the felt so that it doesn't move. Now you're ready to paint! (I felt like I was back in elementary school!)

4) You'll be left with ears like the one's below and once you've got each of your emoji faces painted on the'll look like the one below too.

5) I then glued the ears to the back of the face. If you're wanting to turn them into coasters (like I did) take the cork coasters and glue them to the other side of the felt so that they don't move.

Or turn them into a garland! Just sew a string through each side of the face and hang!

What are you making for Easter? Share your projects with us!