Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Felt Laptop Sleeve

Hello everyone!

We had Monday off (which was much need). However, today we're back to that 9-5 work session and after the long weekend am I super glad last weeks Craft Therapy was a tutorial on how to make Stenciled Felt Mouse Pads! It really is helping me get through the day today. Want your work space to inspire you as well? Read last weeks blog on how to make your very own diy felt mouse pad (like the ones below)

So what does this weeks Craft Therapy hold? Well I am super excited because this week we have a guest blogger taking over! We partnered up with Kristen from Storefront Life who was looking for some thick industrial felt to protect her laptop from her daily commute! So over the long weekend she took out some time crafted away with our felt to make an easy modern laptop sleeve with a leather accent. 

Below was a sneak peak that she posted over the weekend! To recreate her laptop sleeve you'll need the following things. 


Scrap Leather
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine 

 Image from Storefront Life blog
Image from Storefront Life blog

The finished look is a simple modern laptop sleeve with a genius cut out to make it easy for you to take out the laptop from it's snug felt sleeve. All those commuting woes of lugging around a laptop bag on top of your purse and of course that morning coffee are no more! Now all you need is a large purse to put your laptop! 
Images from Storefront Life
Images from Storefront Life