Thursday, August 30, 2012

Name this Felt Bag!

Like any new product, this new bag needs a name! We want to know what you would call this stylish new wool felt bag. Let us know in the comment section below!

The latest addition to our felt collection transforms from flat felt to a stretch bag. Carry your everyday items including groceries, supplies and your personal belongings with this natural and stylish bag. Made of 100% merino wool felt, this bag has little to no waste material making it an ideal purchase for the eco-conscious shopper. Comfortable enough to hang on the shoulder, it is light weight, yet soft to touch and strong for all of your belongings. Cut to perfection with the consumer in mind this innovative technology allows the bag to change shape by stretching to accommodate the load as you add items to the bag. Once you’re done with this chic bag it can be easily stored without taking up any space at all until your next outing. Watch heads turn with this trend setter. This bag completes any look with effortless style. This bag measures 28" x 21.25" x 0.12" (71.12cm x 53.98cm x 0.3cm) when flat.