Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To School 2012

It is that time of year again and we have a small treat for all friends of The Felt Store!

Take a look at our Back To School Promo video featuring some of our amazing Felt Products for Back To School.

Featured Products include:

Felt Alphabet Stickers

The Felt Alphabet Stickers are a fun learning tool for teachers and kids! These packs include 81, 2 inch letters and numbers that can easily be peel and stick to almost any surface. Teach your kids or students to spell, count, add or decorate their walls and doors with these felt pieces. Made of 100% Acrylic Felt and adhesive backed, these letters will go where magnets cannot. Available in many different colours.

Felt Bookmarks

Keep track of your pages with these eco-friendly felt bookmarks, made from our 3 mm designer felt. The bookmarks measure approximately 10 in. in length and are available in three different unique designs: GOOD LUCK – with a four-leaf clover shaped decoration in Kelly green, SPRING TIME – a butterfly shaped decoration in yellow, and IN LOVE – a heart shaped decoration in bright red. *BOOK IS NOT INCLUDED*

Felt Pencil Case

The Felt Store's pencil case combines eco-friendly design with functionality and keeps your pens and pencils together. The pencil case is made from 3mm natural gray felt and its edges are finished with a red-threaded stitching. Insert your pens and pencils into the slits to prevent them from moving around. Roll up the case and wrap around the elastic strap sewn to one side of the case to keep everything together. The felt pencil case measures approx. 7.5" in height and 12" in width. *PENS ARE NOT INCLUDED*

Felt Laptop Sleeve

This style of Laptop sleeve is constructed of 5mm thick industrial gray felt, and features a secure colored flap. This laptop sleeve is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish, innovative way to protect their laptop! The flap is secured with strong Velcro, ensuring your laptop will stay safely protected. The laptop sleeve measures 15" x 10.5"(381mm x 266.7mm), with the flap measuring approximately 7.5"(190.5mm) wide. This size of sleeve can accommodate 13"(330.2mm) wide monitor laptops.

Felt iPad Sleeve

This Ipad Sleeve is constructed of 5mm thick industrial gray felt, and features a secure colored flap. This Ipad Sleeve is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish, innovative way to protect their Ipad! The flap is secured with strong Velcro, ensuring that your Ipad will stay safely protected. The size of this sleeve is 9" x 13"(228.6mm x 330.2mm) it can accommodate any Ipad.

Felt Multimedia Case

This style of Multimedia case features a stylish off center stitch on the right and one sharp corner on the lower left. This style resembles a slight wave, and is perfect for those trendsetters who require something edgy to protect their phones, PDAs, cameras or GPS devices. The case measures 3.5" x 5"(88.9mm x 127mm), large enough to accommodate most portable devices, and is 100% virgin wool designer felts with an industrial felt back.

Felt Sketchbook Cover

The Felt Sketchbook features a stylish removable felt book cover that fits any notebook or novel measuring 9" x 6"(228.6mm x 152.4mm). Or, use it as a mini file folder! The sketchbook is hardcover, and has quality blank pages inside- perfect for sketching or note taking.

Felt Messenger Bag

The simply stylish messenger bag is made of high quality, durable felt. The messenger bag features a cotton strap, Velcro secured flap, a section for pens, notes and a mobile phone. Perfect for use as a purse or a briefcase. Approximately 11" x 12"(304.8mm x 279.4mm) and 2"(50.8mm) deep.

All of these products and more are available at Special thanks to Sarah Paul, Franziska Brand and Allia Akhtar for the video. Music: Sousa Liberty Bell Marchby Harry Standing