Friday, August 31, 2012

Designers and Felt: Alyssa McMurter

Circle Time Mats

Lately, we've had the pleasure of working with the lovely Alyssa McMurter! A local rug designer and mother in Ontario, who has used our felt to design and create her latest collection, Tiptoe Rugs! We asked Alyssa a few questions about the collection and this is what she shared with us!

Building Blocks Rug

What inspired your felt collection?

I wanted a soft floor covering that would be made of natural fibres and simple to maintain when my son was learning to crawl. The luxurious feel of wool, felt’s ability to withstand daily life with children, and the overall natural integrity of wool felt were all very appealing, so I tried it out at home. I was thrilled with the performance, and developed some simple, timeless rug designs to enhance other children’s spaces as well.

Magic Carpet

Can you describe your process from concept to final products?

The designs are cut from your choice of 21 vibrant colours of Merino wool felt, and are shipped within 1-2 weeks. Custom shapes can be created to accent a specific space or motif.

Circle Time Mats

What is your favourite felt item?

My favourite felt item is any piece that has found a second (or third) life in a new shape. For example: A large felt rug can be cut into several smaller rugs when a room layout changes. An area rug becomes a bedroom runner, a bath mat, and some play mats with some well planned snips.

Magic Carpet

What is next for Alyssa McMurter? Any thing with felt?

Tiptoe Rugs will be featuring new designs throughout the coming season, and showcasing how they are being used in different settings. Tell us about a space you would like to improve with a Tiptoe Rug.

All featured products have been designed and created by Alyssa McMurterAll images were provided by Alyssa McMurter. Felt and custom cutting is available at The Felt Store.