Friday, March 6, 2015

Craft Therapy: DIY Pot Of Gold Treat Bag

Hey everyone!

This week's craft therapy is all about the Irish Luck! The adults can't have all the fun on St Paddy's Day. Make this adorable Pot of Gold Treat Bag. Below is full tutorial.


12" x 12" 2mm Designer Felt
Viscose Sample Bag
Chocolate Coins
Glue Gun


1) Trace out a 2 pot onto the Black 2mm felt square. Like you see below. Once you are done cutting the pot of gold, you can either sew the two together or you can glue the edge. This will create the bag.

2) Cut out a strip of black felt. This will be the handle of the treat bag.

3) Take out the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple from the Viscose Sample bag And start to wrap the squares around the strip from both sides. So that there is no black showing at all. Using the glue gun to keep it together. I separated each color 2 inches apart.

4) Once you are done gluing the rainbow colours onto the strip. Take each end of the strip and bring the two ends together by gluing them together.

5) Take the ends and glue to each side of the pot. You'll be left with treat bag like below! Add some chocolate coins and voila you got yourself pot of gold treat bag!