Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Craft Therapy: 5 min DIY Felt Cat Tous

Hi everyone!

I apologize for the delay for this weeks craft therapy session. It's been a hectic week with me spending last Friday at the Interior Design Show (blog post on that to come soon). So I was playing catch up on Monday.

Without any delay I bring to you the instructions for this week's project. The title may say "Cat" but really you can modify  the toys so that it can suit your four legged friend. We'll be using the 2mm designer felt sample bag again for this craft. You can see what we did with the sample bag in our previous DIY here.

2mm Designer Felt Sample Bag - two bags
Fabric cord
little bells

Rainbow Cat Toy 

Looking for a small toy your cat can play with on their own? This version is perfect.

1) Arrange the colours the way you would like them to be in. Cut about 7 inches of cord.

2) String the felt samples through. Add the little bells on each end and then add a few more felt, and the bells again.

3) Tie a simple knot at the end and volia you have a 5 min cat toy!


Cat Toy Felt Wand

1) Arrange the colours the way you wan them. Cut about 12" of cord.

2) String the felt samples through and alternate with the little bells

3) Tie a knot to the wand

Oh yes I definitely took videos! Look at Coco go.

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