Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY Gift Guide- Wool Heart Appliqué Mittens/Gloves

Last week for our DIY Gift Guide we paired a no sew felt bookmark tutorial with our felt sketchbook. This week we pair wool mittens and gloves with a tutorial on how to appliqué a needle felted or cut out wool felt heart. This is the perfect stocking stuffer or a way to add a handmade present to complete your thoughtful gift! 

Wool Felt Heart Cut Out Tutorial 

Because there is a likely a chance your mittens will be exposed to snow and precipitation it's probably best to use wool felt since it has the ability to bead off water and would last a lot longer compared to a regular craft felt. 

Needle & Thread
Heart Template 

Step 1)

Start by tracing a heart on to your felt. Ours was about 3 1/2 inches in length. Once you're done tracing cut the heart out take your mittens and turn them so that the thumbs are NOT facing you. 

Step 2)

Cut the heart in half (not to worry we're sewing it onto the mitten with love) and place the heart as you desire onto the mitten. Then take your needle and thread and start sewing the edges. I just did a basic stitch. Do the same thing on the other side making sure both heart pieces align together. 

 Step 3)

Once you're done sewing both sides you'll be left with something similar as below! Super easy and it only took 5 minutes to do! A great last minute idea!

Needle Felted Heart Appliqué

Scrap Felt (not required) 
Heart Cookie Cutter or Cardboard Cut out

Step 1)

If you don't have a cookie cutter (like me) I just took scrap cardboard and quickly made a cut out as a guide to shape the wool. I also took a scrap felt square and placed it inside the glove so that the wool would not felt to the other side (unless you want both sides to have the shape) 

 Step 2)

Place the glove on the Needle Brush Mat (the thumbs facing you) so that your glove will not move and take your cardboard cut out and place it on the glove. Take a clump of wool and place it around the outline of the inner heart. Take your needle felted tool and start to lightly punch the wool into the glove. 
*First time needle felting? We have a video tutorial to teach you how to use these tools. See our How to Needle Felt video. 

Step 3) 

Do the same thing with the other glove and make sure the wool consistency is the same. Once you are done you should be left with something similar to below!

The second project takes a little more time but totally worth the effort! Are you making a handmade gift this year!? Share your DIY with us!