Friday, October 10, 2014

Last Minute Felt DIY's for Canadian Thanksgiving

Hi Guys,

So if you aren't aware and the title of the post doesn't give it away but on Monday it's Canadian Thanksgiving! (long weekkkeeendddd) so excited! Most of you are probably already in Thanksgiving prep mode and we know how important food is...that we tend to pass on the whole decor part of the evening/lunch. Sooo we've come up with 4 felt DIY's that literally take no more than 10-15 minutes. Super easy and quick ideas.

P.S for those who celebrate Thanksgiving in November this is a good way to know how much time you can now save on decorating!

Felt Leaves Table Runner

Take an existing Table runner and line the edge of it with felt leaves, the great thing about this DIY is that you have room to play with how you want to step up the leaves. We opted for a more subtle look since we have a lot of rich bright colours. Would you believe me if I told you that underneath the cutlery is folded felt! Yup, Just the perfect contrast to the light wood table!

Mini Felt Fall Leaves Wreath

The size of this project makes it super versatile, you don't just have to hang it on the front door. Use it as mantle decoration or the entryway console! Or prop it on your bookshelves to add fall colours. The places to use this DIY idea are endless!

Maple Leaf Mason Jar 

Mason Jar's aren't going anywhere and we found a great way to use them for a quick and easy DIY that can be used as a centrepiece of on the side table. Just glue/stick felt leaves onto the outside and put either flowers or floating candle for ambience purposes 

Felt Leaves Placemat

Again, use your existing place mats and add a touch of colour and texture. Plus it's the fastest way to tablescape for the dinner. No one will know it took you literally 5 minutes to come up with these personalized thanksgiving mats. 

Quick and easy 4 DIY's with just one set of felt leaves! Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Canadians! Hope you enjoy your long weekend (and of course the turkey)