Friday, August 2, 2013

"Oh The Things You Can Do With Felt Pads" Part 4

It's August! Already!? Where is the summer going...Well one good thing about August for Canadians is it welcomes us with a long weekend ;) So no complaints about that.

As you guys know we've been posting on our latest series showing how you can use Felt Floor Protectors in non- traditional ways! Hopefully so far you have seen the potential of this product and how versatile it can be. So we started off with a bang and I'd like to end it off that way. While The Felt Store team perused through the World Wide Web, one of our team members found this great video showing how/why one should use felt pads for Chinese painting/calligraphy.

I mean I could try to summarize it but I think the video on it's own does a great job of how awesome felt can really be. Plus it's just amazing to see the technique. Enjoy!

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Have an absolutely wonderful weekend! And to all the Canadians A great long weekend!