Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh The Things You Can Do With Felt Pads- Part 2

Happy Friday!!! And to all my Canadians out there cheers to the long weekend :)

I come to you with another unique and fun Felt Floor Protector Pads project. Again, this series is to show you that the Felt Pads can be used for other things besides protecting your furniture and floors!
This is a great upcycle project that I found on Bliss Bloom Blog and was absolutely ecstatic that they used felt to create these cool jars you see below!

Image via  Blissbloomblog
Have I intrigued you enough to want to know how felt was used!? Even, if you're not I'll let you know what needs to be done to make your own versions.

Clean Empty Glass Vessel
Alcohol Inks
Rubbing Alcohol
Metallic Mixative
Felt Floor Protector Pads
Applicator to stick Felt Pads on
Clean Spray Paint/Sealer

1) Drip the alcohol ink onto the Felt Pad into a random pattern you desire. Side note: the mixative are not translucent, so use them sparingly.

Image via  Bliss Bloom Blog
2) Now start to stamp your Felt Pad onto the glass to create a certain pattern or look! Blissbloom Blog gives a good tip if your looking to soften your look. Just use a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the pad, and stamp over the inked glass.

Image via  Bliss Bloom Blog
3) Once you happy with your look, seal it up with a thin coat paint sealer. 

Image via  Bliss Bloom Blog
There you have it! The great thing about this project is that you can customize it to your personal liking. You can even use this tutorial and create something for Canada Day or Fourth of July!! AH HA! yes I just killed two birds with one stone on this blog post :)

Check back with me next week for another great way to use Felt Floor Protect Pads in outside of the box ways! 
Find original tutorial by Blissbloom Blog