Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh The Things You Can Do With Felt Floor Pads!!

Hi Everyone! Miss me!? (don't answer that...) but just in case you did, I'm sorry it has been awhile since I've blogged! But with my absence comes another amazing blog series! I think the title gives you a bit of an idea but for the next little while I'll be showing you guys how you can use our Felt Floor Protector Pads in non-traditional ways! And believe me some of the uses will make you say: "Whhaaatttt, I can use Felt Pads for that!!" yeah you'll have tons of those moments. 

Just to give you that wow factor, I'll start with this really awesome idea using our Felt Pads

Yes the curtain below were created using Felt Pads! How you may ask, well I'll tell you. All you need are curtains, our Felt Pads, and some paint! 

Image from Lowes

1) Trace out the shape you want to stamp onto the curtain. In this case you would cut out a petal shape. Repeat until you have enough petals for your flower shape, apply them to a wood block in desired pattern. So you end up with something like the image below. 

Image from Lowes

2) Now apply paint to the felt using a roller. Turn the block over, and press painted surface firmly onto the curtain. Lift off carefully. 

3) Reapply paint and stamp the next spot on the curtain. Until you get the desired look! 

To make sure the design stays on permanent, make sure the paint is completely dry and then heat-set it. 
To heat set, you can use a steam iron,clothes dryer, or blow dryer. Once the fabric cools you can than hang the curtains

Yeah bet a lot of you didn't know that you could use the floor protectors to decorate your curtains! Continue to check back every week for fun ways to use our Felt Floor Protectors!

If any of you guys re-vamp your curtains using this tutorial, we would love to see how it turns out! Have any questions just leave a comment below. Have a wonderful weekend guys! 

Tutorial via Lowes