Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Sorry followers, it's been a hectic holiday season and now that we are back from the wonderful holiday break, it's been a bitter sweet return to the realities of life. Although on a plus side and keeping with positive's a short week ;)  With that being said, Happy New Year! We at The Felt Store hope this year brings happiness, prosperity,and good health to you and your loved ones! 

Hopefully the year 2012 wasn't too horrible for you all but know that you survived 2012 and now you're on to new beginnings. It's only fitting to quote Edith Pierce "We will open the book, it's pages blank, we are going to put words in them ourselves. The book is called opportunity. and it's first chapter is New Years Day" 

There has been a lot of changes at The Felt Store through out the last year! We officially moved into our new building and are continuing to grow! And boy are we excited for 2013, we're hoping to be better then last year in every aspect of our business and that means continuing to cater to YOU. 

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for following us, and reading up on our blog. We will  continue to bring informative information in a fun, creative and inspiring way! We always love feedback guys! so please leave us a comment below about anything and everything, we at The Felt Store love taking out time to chat with you guys! 

With the new year brings well snow and winter weather for most of we thought to help you out this winter season with some great information about wool! Because let's face it one wool sweater needs to be pulled out of that closest. This winter we will make sure you are wool smart! GQ Magazines has a great guide about wool in all it's glory! Before You Get Wool Rich, Get Wool Smart: A Guide to Wool in All Its Forms By BUREAU OF TRADE 

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Also want know why you have that itchy sensation with wool sweaters? Scientists uncover the itch specific nerve cell! 
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