Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 mins of Fame!

Hey Followers!

We have some pretty exciting news (I have a huge smile while I type this) Our Snow Runner Mitts were shown on Toronto's Breakfast Television Horseshoe Resorts 50 Anniversary segment hosted by Jennifer Valentyne.

Yes you read that right!!

 When asked how the snow makers of the resort keep warm one of the employees showed off our gloves! (unfortuntley he wasn't aware that they were from The Felt Store) So he answered by saying (I'm paraphrasing a little bit) that management purchased them online (wish screaming at the TV could make a difference). Sadly Jennifer Valentyne couldn't hear one of The Felt Store's manager scream saying "it's US, it's from THE FELT STORE!" but nonetheless we can blog, tweet, facebook it :D LOVEE social media outlets at this moment.

will post a link to the segment once it's uploaded

Snow Runner Mitts