Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Vessel Project - "Wine Holder"

The Vessel Project continues with another student feature. This time from, Telma Ferreira, a recent graduate from Humber College, with her fantastic wine rack! Rack ‘em and stack ‘em! This duo-tone wine rack is perfect for your favourite bottles of vino. We are starting to see lots of felt wine racks out there but Telma takes the concept a few steps further by implementing the idea of symmetry with the shape of her wine rack and the double hand-stitched details which add to the structure of the vessel as well as an aesthetically pleasing contoured shape and contrast of colour. This wine rack is a contemporary view on a traditional vessel that is naturally stylish! Don’t hide your bottles of wine, Telma shows them off in her naturally stylish wine rack, perfect for display. Lay the wine rack down or have it stand upright, no matter what your wine bottles will safely be tucked into this beautiful vessel.

Materials Used
- Remnant Felt
- Embroidery Thread

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at! If you would like to contact the designer, Telma Costa Ferreira directly, e-mail her at