Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Vessel Project - "Felt Tool Belt"

This Vessel Project is the "Felt Tool Belt". What a great concept and twist on what our felt can do! Dwight Lowe, a recent graduate from Humber College developed this concept that really surprised us.

Do-it-yourself, craftsmen, handymen or women, this is the perfect companion for all your tools, bits and bobs for while you are working around the house or on the job. Dwight Lowe used our remnant felt in an unexpected way to make this neat tool belt. It features several compartments for your hammer, tape measure, screws, gloves and most importantly your beverage of choice! The Tool Belt can be strapped onto your belt with handy loops at the back and when not in use it can be flatpacked away. A vessel that can keep your tools close at hand and organized this is a fully functional toolbelt that is made from felt.

Materials Used
- Remnant Felt
- Yarn
- Thread

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