Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Win $300 worth of Designer Felt & get 10% Off Felt Now!

Heyyyy guys!

Hope the change in season hasn't dampen your mood and if it has I definitely have a pick me up! For all those of you who DIY, Craft, Hand make your felt projects this is a great opportunity to get your crafts out there and get a little recognition for all the hard work you put in!

We (The Felt Store) and I are super excited to say that w
e're sponsoring this year's new Felt Category for The Crafty Awards! What is The Crafty Awards? Only the best live stream awards show out there (duh) No but seriously, on a more convincing note this award celebrates great work of art most people really get to see, the crafters, the DIY-ers, the makers! 

So why enter? The real questions is why not!? There are giveaways, there are cash prizes, there is beautiful felt for the winner of the category from yours truly (us) and a chance for your work to get recognized! 

Submit your Felt Crafts here:

Entries have to be submitted by October 25th, 2015 (open to U.S residents only) and on November 6th a livestream will broadcaster from San Francisco, hosted by PBS crafting 'guru', Mark Montano  

Want 10% OFF now? 

1)Head over to and get 10% OFF your purchase using the coupon code: THECRAFTYS when checking out. 

Want to win $300 worth of Designer felt!? 

2) Make awesome felt crafts and submit it here: for a chance to win over $300 worth of designer felt (100% merino wool)