Friday, November 28, 2014

DIY Gift Guide - Felt Sketchbook + No Sew Felt Bookmark Tutorial

Hello everyone!

There is always something more special about giving a handmade gift to your family and friends. So for the next few weeks we'll be giving you tutorials and a list of DIY gifts you can make with felt and which products to pair them with for the perfect gift!

Pair our Felt Sketchbook with a No-Sew Felt Bookmark that you can craft with our Acrylic Felt. To make the adorable fox bookmark you can follow the instructions below.


1 sheet of orange acrylic (we used premium felt for ours)
1 sheet of black acrylic 
1 sheet of white acrylic 
Glue Gun

Step 1 

Start by tracing out your template onto the felt. Make sure to trace two of the fox head, this will create the pocket. Trace out two eyes, two ears...etc. you get it, two of everything.

Step 2
Once you've traced everything out on to the felt cut the pieces  and you should have something similar to what you see below. You're already more than half way done!

Step 3

Now all you have to do is glue everything into place. First start by your two corner heads. Place one on top of the other and now glue each of the sides together to create the pocket. Then take your white acrylic felt and position it on the edge of each side. Last but not least, take your eyes and nose and place those where you desire. The ears will be your last step. We glued them to the front of the pocket from the inside. 

There you have it your done! Super easy. 

Now just pair it with one of our sketchbooks to complete the gift. You can choose from the following colours! 

Do you want to really personalize the gift? You can monogram the sketchbook with receivers name! All you need is our 2" felt alphabet letters! Use a contrasting colour for fun or of course go with a classic black or white. Click on the image below to see all the colours available.