Monday, February 10, 2014

A Unique Valentine's Day DIY List of Ideas

Hi Guys!

It's already the 2nd week of February, is it just me or does it seem like every year the months zoom by? Any ways I thought I'd get on the wagon of  Valentine's day blog post . I tried to create a list with different and unique projects for you all so hopefully the list below has got some fresh new ideas for you all to get inspired by!

1) Stitched Wood Slice

'While Wearing Heels' has definitely got "thinking out of the box" down, love this unique embroidery idea  and there's a tutorial as well, click on the image to get redirected.

Image via While Wearing Heels 
2) Burlap Heart Wreath

This DIY project has been really popular on our Pinterest page! So how could I not share it. 'Curly Craft Mom' shares her step by step tutorial on how to create this unique and fun Valentine Day Decor idea!

Image via Curly Crafty Mom
3) Felt Rose Heart 

This DIY project is a unique way of incorporating the heart shape that's infamous with Valentine's Day.

Image via For Girls Only 

4) Felt Sweet Heart Charms 

A simple & easy DIY project that is great if you're thinking of sending out more than one Valentine. The unique aspect of this idea is the little pocket in the front, stick a sweet note or candy for the special someone. 
Image via Purlbee


Hope you enjoyed this short but unique list of ideas that can be done for this Friday! Are you working on any unique or fun Valentine ideas? Do share them with me :) Have a wonderful Monday!