Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Promotion for New & Returning Customers!

Happy November & Happy Friday all! 

Hope the first of the month is treating you well, it sure is for me :) But hopefully this blog post will add more of a cheer for everyone! 

We know that Holiday shopping is either on your mind or will be very soon and we know how expensive it can get, but more importantly we LOVE our customers new or returning and we appreciate you all! With appreciate we come bearing a gift, we are starting a holiday promotion earlier for you all.

Receive $5.00 OFF shipping when your subtotal is over $49.99! That means you can go felt/burlap/cork crazy...and it starts NOW till January 5, 2013! 

Visit us at The Felt Store

Visit us at The Felt Store! I told you I would make your day just a little bit better ;) Have a wonderful weekend!