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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks

Quick and easy to make, this St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock is a great way to decorate any space so that you’re ready for the festivities!

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we have a quick and easy craft to get you in the Shamrockin’ spirit!
These Shamrocks can be used as decorations for a St. Patrick’s Day themed party or just to brighten up any room. You can hang them using ribbon, attach them directly to any surface using some adhesive, make a key chain and much more! We are showing you how to make one size, but you can change the measurements below to make larger or smaller Shamrocks.

What You'll Need:
Stiff Felt Sheets - 12” x 12”
Ruler Rotary cutter or fabric scissors Hot glue gun and sticks Ribbon (optional)
1. With your Stiff Felt Sheets, rotary blade and ruler, cut 4 strips measuring 1 inch wide by 12 inches long and 4 strips measuring 1 inch wide by 10 inches long. You should have a total of 8 strips. These strips will be the outside and inside of t…

How Are You Preparing for Thanksgiving?

Happy Friday!!

First week of October is already over and that means for our Canadian followers it's only a week till Thanksgiving! So Canadians how are you preparing your home for the big feast? Try something new this Thanksgiving dinner with our featured household cork products, whether your celebrating Thanksgiving in October or November add a bit of texture to that dinner table. Let us know what traditions run in your family for "Turkey Day"

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