Friday, February 8, 2013

New Category Launch!

Hey Guys!

Hope you're all keeping well in this winter wonderland! For those of you who are in Eastern Canada and Eastern United States. Can I just point out; how I haven't seen snow like this in forever! I really thought the meteorologist were being over dramatic like the last time. I guess not.. LOL

Anyy wayys....moving away from the snowstorm, I'm doing a quick post about something that is exciting for us here at The Felt Store. We have officially launched a new category!! It contains Felting Products, Pom Pom makers, all the needles you'll ever need for your crafting projects! Basically all of your sewing needs can finally be fulfilled at The Felt Store! Check out new category called Sewing Products. It's quite a fitting name!

Did I mention we a super duper excited about this :D Hope this helps all you guys out there that have been asking about sewing accessories and for those of you who want an affordable alternative :D

Sewing Product page