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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks

Quick and easy to make, this St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock is a great way to decorate any space so that you’re ready for the festivities!

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we have a quick and easy craft to get you in the Shamrockin’ spirit!
These Shamrocks can be used as decorations for a St. Patrick’s Day themed party or just to brighten up any room. You can hang them using ribbon, attach them directly to any surface using some adhesive, make a key chain and much more! We are showing you how to make one size, but you can change the measurements below to make larger or smaller Shamrocks.

What You'll Need:
Stiff Felt Sheets - 12” x 12”
Ruler Rotary cutter or fabric scissors Hot glue gun and sticks Ribbon (optional)
1. With your Stiff Felt Sheets, rotary blade and ruler, cut 4 strips measuring 1 inch wide by 12 inches long and 4 strips measuring 1 inch wide by 10 inches long. You should have a total of 8 strips. These strips will be the outside and inside of t…

Felt Vessel Project Fall 2012 - Home Decor

We’re excited to present the DEC 321.02 Interior Decorating Class at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. For those of you who have just started following our blog, The Vessel Project is orchestrated by Professor Susan Schwartz, who encourages students to explore the infinite possibilities of felt! Students get a chance to use their artistic minds to come up with an innovative design prototype that can carry objects using felt - provided by The Felt Store. In the next few weeks we will be posting some of these creations on our blog, so keep checking up on us! We’d like to thank all those who were a part of this great project and congratulations to Susan Schwartz and her students for the hard work and creative inspiration!

Melissa Clarke, "Decorative Felt Basket"

It’s one of those “why didn't I think of making this” kind of pieces! Ordinary yet unique in so many ways, from the details of the braided felt tube to the colour combination that Melissa Clarke used. This could be a great addition to the home. Using the Autumn season as her inspiration tying in the warm and earth tones but understanding the concept of colours by adding that pop of Burnt Orange to get an overall great looking basket! This could be a fabulous storage idea or just a great design to add that extra “umph” in any room!

Material Used:

Industrial Felt
Designer Felt
1/4" dowel

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Melissa Clarke, at

Aline Ferraz, "Lily Chandelier"

Every design, concept and idea always has a special story behind it, Aline Ferraz story, her feelings were translated into this wonderful piece. Wanting to express her love for family she channelled her emotions and created something that can be turned into reality. Something that can be physically felt by the touch of your hands. You can really feel the warmth in this design with the pastel colours of cream and light blue being used to create such a seamless lamp, that’s ultimate function is to shine light in the darkness just like family! Really inspirational piece and definitely speaks volumes.

Materials Used:
Sisal Twine
Recycled Wire
Fabric Glue

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Aline Ferraz, at

Kara Smith, "Basket/Storage Bin"

Keeping in line with fascinating and unique interior design pieces, Kara Smith has done no less in her wonderful multifunctional storage/basket design. The intricate details of the red woven string to honeycomb exterior adding the perfect unique look! The grey wool to line the basket gives one a warm, fuzzy feeling inside! This piece was inspired by work wool socks with the cream, grey, and red used as her colour palette and really taking her inspiration and turning into such a unique vision. Honestly, another great piece that would tie in any room together or as the title suggest a one of a kind storage bin to keep that clutter away. As Kara Smith suggests “ has an interesting aesthetic”

Material used: 
Remnant Industrial Felt
Wool Yarn

For more information on this project or any other project contact us at The Felt Store at or contact the designer, Kara Smith, at


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