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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks

Quick and easy to make, this St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock is a great way to decorate any space so that you’re ready for the festivities!

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we have a quick and easy craft to get you in the Shamrockin’ spirit!
These Shamrocks can be used as decorations for a St. Patrick’s Day themed party or just to brighten up any room. You can hang them using ribbon, attach them directly to any surface using some adhesive, make a key chain and much more! We are showing you how to make one size, but you can change the measurements below to make larger or smaller Shamrocks.

What You'll Need:
Stiff Felt Sheets - 12” x 12”
Ruler Rotary cutter or fabric scissors Hot glue gun and sticks Ribbon (optional)
1. With your Stiff Felt Sheets, rotary blade and ruler, cut 4 strips measuring 1 inch wide by 12 inches long and 4 strips measuring 1 inch wide by 10 inches long. You should have a total of 8 strips. These strips will be the outside and inside of t…

Frequently Asked Questions about Felt Part 2

Here we have our second part of our most frequently asked questions that will hopefully help everyone when thinking about using felt in their next project!

Is Felt washable?
This is a very popular question for our customers as many of you may be concerned with keeping your felt beautiful and clean. You may dry clean, hand wash or steam clean felt but it should not be put in the washing machine or dryer. We always tell our customers to treat your felt like a wool sweater and it should last you a lifetime.

Can Felt be used for sound buffering?

Yes, felt is an excellent way to way to absorb sound and/or create a specific acoustic environment for private or commercial spaces. These spaces include theaters, sound studios, bars, hotels, offices and conference rooms. If you were at the Interior Design Show this year, our booth showed a display of felted tubes that can be a perfect acoustic arrangement when placed vertically. The tubes act as a trap for the sound when it bounces off the walls.

Is Felt flame retardant?
Wool has a natural resistance to fire and is self - extinguishing. Our wool felts meet commercial fire codes, while our synthetic and blended felts must be treated for flame resistance. If you are looking for a felt that is heat resistant for extremely high temperatures, take a look at our Meta - Aramid Felt (Nomex) or our Kevlar.

Is Felt absorbent?
Felt can be highly absorbent, retaining many times its weight in fluids. However it is also naturally water repellant because of the consistency of oil in wool fibers. Different densities and qualities of felt play an important role in it's absorption capabilities so take a look at all of our different types of felt for further information on which one is most suitable for your needs.

If Felt is cut will it fray?

No, it will not fray. This is one of the best features of felt, as it is made by interlocking fibers through one of two special processes called Needling or Felting, the edges always have a clean cut.

Do you give discounts?
Discounts may vary from product to product. In order to see if you are eligible for a discount please e-mail us and provide us with the exact product and quantity you require.

Do you do custom orders?
Yes, we can certainly provide you with custom orders. Please note that these require more time, labour and tooling to fulfill the orders. These factors are all considered in your custom price. In order to receive a quote please e-mail us and provide us with the following:
- The exact product you would like to cut (felt, cork, neoprene, etc.). This must include the density, length, width, thickness, height where applicable.
- The exact dimensions of your custom order. If you require a non-standard or organic shape, we require a drawing of your design. Please note that this should be a vector based file that may be opened in Adobe Illustrator CS5 and / or AutoCAD.
- The quantity you would like to produce.

Before contacting us consider whether or not this is something that you may want to cut yourself to save on costs. For instance cutting acrylic felt into squares can be done with a pair of scissors or some of our products may simply be cut down using a sharp knife.

Can I visit?

The Felt Store is an online store, meaning that our physical location is primarily administrative and manufacturing work. We do have a small show room at our Mississauga location that is open to the public. Please feel free to come and see some of our felt and felt products, but please note that we do not have all of our products available for viewing in this room and we will still encourage you to place your order online. Customers are very welcome to pick up the orders at our Mississauga location to save on shipping costs.

Can I call in to place an order?
As an online store, we encourage our customers to register and place your orders online. This is a more efficient and smoother process than over the phone. We are constantly working to improve our online services in order to better serve you. If you are concerned about your personal information, please note that this is strictly used for the confirmation and updating of purchases. We do not share your personal information and credit card data is not kept on file for your safety. Please remember that you must first register before being able to make a purchase.

Do you provide sample swatches?

Yes we do. E-mail us your mailing address and we can provide you with swatches for:
- Industrial SAE Felts
- Colour Craft Felts, Acrylic, Viscose/Rayon, and Premium
- Burlap

If you are looking for our Designer Felt samples, these may be purchased online.

If you have any further questions you can always contact us or leave a comment here and we can get back to you with your answer.


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