Monday, August 17, 2009

Brand New Felt Laptop Sleeves!

The new felt laptop sleeve- perfect for the urban techie with an environmentally conscious side!

The Felt Store is proud to debut it's latest laptop sleeve. Crafted of heavy duty gray industrial felt and colored designer felt, this laptop sleeve is subtle yet stylish, and will protect your precious cargo with a naturally beautiful and sustainable material. The new laptop sleeve is available in 2 styles- with the flap covered in designer felt, or with the designer felt lining the flap to give it a "piped" look when closed.

This sleeve is available in 2 sizes- one for a 15" monitor (or smaller) and one for a 17" monitor. The 15" style retails for $60 US and the 17" style retails for $68 US. The sleeve features an industrial strength Velcro to seal it tight and keep your laptop from slipping out. Choose from combinations of gray with black, dark red, blue, royal blue, olive green and dark brown.

Click on the link below to purchase yours today!