Monday, July 6, 2009

Custom Technical Parts and Industrial Felts

A sample of Custom Technical Parts and Industrial Felts.

Despite the fact that The Felt Store sells finished goods for the home or personal use, we also carry Industrial Felts as well as Custom Technical Parts (felt buffing/polishing wheels, gaskets, etc.) Industrial Felts have been traditionally used for just that- Industry use (i.e food industry, auto industry, etc) however lately Interior Designers and other independent designers are noticing the natural beauty of these strong, un-dyed felts.

Industrial Felts come in a wide range of natural gray colors, as well as natural white colors. They are available in sheet form, in 12" x 12" squares as well as by the foot (off the roll). Our Custom Technical Parts are very job specific; please contact us directly at for a quote.

Contact us for more information regarding these Industrial Felts or Custom Technical Parts, or visit us at to have a look at the variety online.