Thursday, June 4, 2009

Designer Felt Placemats With Coasters

Designer Felt Placemats- add a variety of color to your home. Click to enlarge.

The Designer Felt Placemats With Coasters is just that- placemats made of fabulously colored 100% virgin wool with a die cut coaster to match… or not match; it’s up to you! Select from 6 coaster colors to complement the placemat of your choice. Anything goes- blue placemat, mango coaster? Brown placemat, olive coaster? It’s all up to you. These placemats measure 14.6” x 18.5” and retail for $25 US each. The placemats are available in Mango Orange, Brown, Blue, Apple Green and Olive Green; the coasters are available in the same colors with the addition of White. Follow the link below to purchase these placemats today.